Find the word “English” hidden in the alphabet soup – teach me science

Find the word "English" hidden in the alphabet soup - teach me science

Try to complete this visual puzzle in less time than a rooster sings and become one of the fastest participants in social networks. You can have fun with this riddle, give your brain extra stimulation and improve your cognitive skills such as attention, analysis, observation, deduction and reasoning.

Social networks have a variety of visual, logical and mathematical puzzles. However, what have managed to position themselves as trends within hours are visual puzzles, where you have to search for a word, object or error, as in word search puzzles. Most of them agree that the brain should be protected and stimulated in a fun way to avoid cognitive wear.

Take a closer look at the following illustration created Great Master, there is a word hidden in it that you have to find in record time. Be careful from the very beginning, as this is a beginner-level visual riddle, there will be no hints or second chances.

Find the word “English” in just 7 seconds

Photo: Great Master

los Riddles They are not simple visual games, but a fundamental tool for stimulating specific cognitive skills such as creativity, reasoning, attention, understanding and analysis.

From its creation until today, they have positioned themselves as the favorite game of the people, because, as mentioned before, the brain is stimulated, it is meant to improve and develop skills.

Correct answer

Photo: Great Master

We will soon bring you riddles that will help you in your training, promising to strengthen your skills so that you can become one of the best participants in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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