Find out about the cost of living in Ireland and how much it costs to live there

Find out about the cost of living in Ireland and how much it costs to live there

A Ireland It is a country that offers many opportunities to the residents, including foreigners who choose the country as their new home. Before making this decision, it is important to consider the cost of living required to stay there.

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In general, lifestyle influences how much each person spends per month while living in Ireland. However, the average is between 700 and 1,500 euros per person.

To reach this amount, basic financial expenses, including rent, health, transportation and entertainment, will be considered along with other accommodation expenses. It all depends on how the resident lives.

Temple Bar District is one of the most important cities in the Irish capital.

How much does it cost to live in Ireland? See some costs

Below is a list of major costs of services Dublin, The capital of Ireland.

  • Gas: 20 euros per month;
  • Transportation: 100 euros per month;
  • Supermarket: 100 euros per month.
  • Power: 25 euros per month;
  • Rent: 330 to 600 euros;
  • Internet: 13 euros.

Those who want to spend less in the country are reminded to choose areas where the cost of living is low. Small towns.

Is an example Cork, Monthly costs are 20% lower compared to Dublin. Other low cost cities Limerick E Galway.

Despite the fluctuations in prices from one place to another, it is worth having a general idea of ​​how much you need to live in Ireland. In practice, this allows for better financial planning for everything to work in the new country.

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