Financial freedom: Mauritius among the top 10 in the world

Financial freedom: Mauritius among the top 10 in the world

The conclusions of the Fraser Institute report titled “Economic Freedom of the World: 2022” are known. Thus, Mauritius ranks ninth among countries most favorable to economic freedom. The report measures economic freedom – the ability of individuals to make their own financial decisions – by analyzing the policies and institutions of 165 countries and regions. The institute defines economic freedom as: “individual choice, voluntary exchange, open markets, and clearly defined and enforced property rights.” Indicators include regulations, international trade freedom, size of government, property rights, government spending, and taxation.

That is, Hong Kong is in first place, followed by Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, the United States, Estonia, the island of Mauritius and Ireland. Other top country rankings include Japan (12), Germany (24), Italy (43), France (54), Mexico (65), India (90), Russia (94), Brazil (114) and China (116). . ).

According to the institute, people living in countries with high economic freedom enjoy greater prosperity, greater political and civil liberties, and live longer lives. Indeed, the pandemic has had an effect, with 146 countries and territories experiencing a decline in economic freedom in 2020 after governments around the world imposed restrictions. “While the report does not take a position based on public health measures, there is no doubt that government policies in the first year of the pandemic reduced economic freedom,” the document said.

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