Finally, the return of school trips for high school students

Finally, the return of school trips for high school students

Students from the European Section and DISPO students from Victor Dury High School (partnership with Sciences Po Toulouse) in Bagneres-de-Bigorre had an unforgettable language stay in Ireland. “After London, Scotland, Wales and Ireland we had a lot of fun studying history, geography, geopolitics and geology with our 59 students.

“Thanks to the European Vamonos project, the students of the Victor Dury High School are offered new perspectives, perhaps more distant”, indicates Perrin Gouriou, their history and geography teacher.

After landing in Cork, the high school students stayed in the picturesque town of Monaghan, a few kilometers from the Northern Irish border, from where they were able to cross the country for five days. Despite the muggy weather, the students in the SVT section were able to find their joy in exploring the wonderful geological site of Cavan Burren Park, and for the History and Geography section, the group was able to visit the Irish Emigration and Famine museums.

Finally, on Easter Day, the stay ended with an exciting visit to the prestigious University of Dublin, Trinity College, led by a French-born doctoral student professor specializing in Samuel Beckett. One that arouses interest and edification among more literary students. Returning to Cork full of memories, the students took the ferry back under the supervision of their accompanying teachers, Mrs Gouriou and Bonnefill. Martin and Chalot.

From now on, as part of the Vamonos Haute-Adour project in collaboration with the European Erasmus program, students from Victor Dury High School and Blanche Odin College will benefit from this type of linguistic and cultural accommodation assistance. European in the European Union.

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