Finally Free is born! – Vorarberger Nachrichen

Finally Free is born!  - Vorarberger Nachrichen

It was welcomed by Great Britain on October 28, 1971, when it joined the European Economic Community (EEC). More than expected – The House of Commons approved it with a majority of 112 votes. Happy Prime Minister “Ted” Heath celebrates in his own way: Fugue from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, a milestone in European music history, sits on the grand piano at his residence on 10 Downing Street and writes about the destruction of Great Britain a few decades ago. .

The word “economy” attracted the badly shattered Great Britain to the European Union – not the peace plan, but the reconciliation between Germany and France. For other Europeans, the goal was to transcend the war past and the nation-state, and to unite politically – in contrast to the British, who had not yet fully awakened from their colonial dreams, and still celebrated the nation-state and its symbols, with the choir singing “Rule Britannia” to the tune of “Proms” and “Union Jack”. The then Labor leader Hugh Gateskel painted on the wall “Great Britain as an Independent European Nation, the End of a Thousand Years of History.” Then, in 1988, Prime Minister Thatcher released his famous triple “No!” AU Commission President Jack Delores threw.

Nearly half a century after entering the British EEC, Britain’s long-awaited exit is finally over – without celebrations, fireworks or fans. Somewhere along the road, a lone, large “Union Jack” flies. This is no longer Brexit, but the growing Kovid tragedy here.

The most turbulent phase in recent British history came to a preliminary conclusion at the end of the year. Overcoming the slopes of the “No Deal Brexit” and literally reaching the last minute through compromises, this “deal” does not really make anyone happy. Fishermen are cursed because they feel cursed, and behind the “White Cliffs of Dover” sung by Vera Lynn during the war, the government landscaped to accommodate thousands of truck parking spaces – because of Brexit. Ireland will inevitably grow together, and soon the Northern Irish province will be lost to Great Britain, and Scotland will clearly vote for independence with a pro – European majority. The British nationalists won a resounding victory.

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“British nationalists won a Prick.”

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Dr. Charles e. Ritterband is a journalist and writer, and longtime foreign correspondent for the New Sorcerer Zeitung (in Vienna since 2001).

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