Finally for the first time on TV: Zombie Horror Action with a Good Idea and Elliott Page – Kino News

Finally for the first time on TV: Zombie Horror Action with a Good Idea and Elliott Page - Kino News

Zombie movies often ask if there is a cure. But will this really lead to a happy ending? In the Cured – Infected. Healed. Was expelled. “Because that’s where it really starts …


Already in 2018, “cure – cure. Cure. Blame.” In Germany it was shown on DVD and Blu-ray and later on Pay TV and now works on Netflix, but anyone who does not want to spend money on DVD, Blu-ray, station or streaming subscription has yet to see the movie, and that is about to change.

And so on TELE 5 shows “The Cude – Infected. Healed. Kicked out. ” On free TV for the first time from 10pm.

Fans of Zombie Horror should be especially drawn to the film’s introduction. Unfortunately, the implementation is not as successful as the good idea.

This is “Healing – Sick, Healed, Expelled.”

“Sick – Sick. Cured. Expelled.” It starts with the fact that the zombie virus has actually failed, and there is finally a cure for an epidemic that has spread across Europe, particularly severely affecting Ireland, and unfortunately only works for 75 percent of those infected, and how do you deal with the remaining 25 percent?

Even those who have recovered face problems. Senan (Sam Keyley) still remembers what he did as a bloodthirsty zombie. While living with his widowed sister-in-law, Abby (Elliott Page), and her son, Luke (Peter Campion), he has to endure the rejection of many who have recovered. The street insults him, graffiti is created against him …

The idea seems very exciting and pathological. Healed. Blamed. ” A few years after its publication, there are still red hot elements. Dealing with refugees or racism are topics that are firmly entrenched in the concept of excitement.

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As we found in our FILMSTARTS review, despite a strong start, director David Freyne does not make the best use of this idea. In the end, “The Cured” is very much a distraction between traditional zombie action and horror social drama, to say the least. That’s why we give it only 2.5 stars.

FILMSTARTS overview of “The Cured”

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