Finally … davatziliki From COSMOTE, VODAFONE, WIND: See What’s Changing

Finally ... davatziliki From COSMOTE, VODAFONE, WIND: See What's Changing

Cosmot, Vodafone, Wind: Significant changes in cell phone charges and provider changes. Strict requirements for Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind for consumer protection.

What is included in the draft for the new Code of Conduct, Citizens’ Complaints, Contracts, Billing Disputes and Settlements. All developments

The National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) seeks more transparency with clear terms and conditions on all levels, from advertising and promotion of services to the most important, through the “Code of Conduct for Electronic Communication of Services” proposal. Consumers “are set for public comment until the beginning of December.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish general principles and procedures to be followed by each provider of electronic communication services for the provision of electronic communication services to customers, and to regulate problems in the provision of electronic communication services to customers. Applicable regulation and legislative framework.

In particular, issues related to the general liability of providers, advertising and promotion of services, promotion of sales of services, pre-contract information, contracts, activation of the service, pricing – charges – billing, settlements and open internet are regulated. Staff training, customer service and complaints, code compliance, restrictions and sanctions.

As stated in Article 10 of the Customer Service, “As defined by the General Licensing Regulation, the provider must ensure that the waiting time for customers to call the customer service call center is limited to a reasonable maximum time and maximum charge.

The exception to this time limit is the situation of not being able to wait for free calls, so the call will not be answered until the immediate telephone service is available.

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This reasonable time limit also applies to customers who choose to communicate via video call or live chat.

To resolve a request, the provider should try to resolve customer requests as soon as possible.

To this end, procedures need to be developed to monitor customers’ initial communication with customer service and identify unresolved requests during the first communication, highlighting and delaying resolving customer claims in a timely manner “.

In relation to pricing, charges, billing disputes and settlements, the provider ensures that the display of billing information for the services it provides is accurate and does not contain any misleading information (inaccuracies, ambiguities, omissions or omissions).

The issuer ensures the existence and implementation of dispute resolution and debt settlement systems, including procedures for dealing with consumer complaints about billing issues.

When controlling customers and reporting their complaints, the provider refers to ways to resolve disputes through qualified administrative or judicial authorities if the second request is not met.

In the event of a breach of contractual obligations under the terms of the Compensation Policy, the Provider must apply a Compensation / Refund Policy, ie offsetting the customer’s current or future debts, credit amount, etc.

The customer chooses freely without pressure, and after being fully informed of his options, the way of compensation he wants.

In the event of an account dispute, the provider will provide detailed explanations of the disputed charges and their relevance to the services that justify them, either in writing or by e-mail, depending on the customer’s choice.

In the event that the subscriber is justified, the issuer will credit the relevant amounts to the next account and within each relevant period specified by the general licensing regulation in each case. In addition, in any case, the consumer can appeal to an out-of-court dispute resolution body or court.

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Cosmot, Vodafone, Wind: Consumer complaints

The provider must ensure that customer complaints are resolved quickly, efficiently and fairly. To do this, it must adhere to the following principles:

1. Effective Settlement: Where possible, the provider should try to resolve complaints / grievances at the customer’s first contact.

Staff Complaint Management Departments should have adequate resources and adequate authority to select and resolve complaints.

The provider should ensure that their employees are kind to the complaining customers and guide them in the most efficient and easy way to submit any additional documents required for handling complaints and providing services.

2. Transparency and accessibility: Employers should have a manual containing written complaints / grievance procedures to be followed by employees when handling consumer complaints.

In cases where complaints cannot be resolved at the first level, an internal reporting procedure should be included at the higher levels of the proceedings.

Any internal procedures of the provider should not be detrimental to the customers and make it difficult to fulfill their requests / complaints effectively.

The provider should train its staff and provide a manual for handling relevant grievances.

In addition, the provider must have a relevant form with documented consumer complaint procedures, including information posted on its website and information about their right to file complaints.

This form should contain adequate instructions written in clear and understandable language so that customers can easily identify how to file a complaint and the provider’s competent staff.

Similar information is included on the provider’s website.

3. Response: The Provider is responsible for documenting and responding in writing to any complaint / complaint submitted in accordance with the provisions of the General Licensing Regulation.

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In the event that the customer requests information, the provider must provide adequate information on the progress of the complaint, notify changes to the timetable, and provide reasons for delays.

In addition, it should have the appropriate mechanisms in place to monitor and resolve issues that are in line with the customer and the procedures outlined above.

In the event that the provider thinks that a complaint does not require further investigation, it should fully inform the customer of the reasons for this decision in a clear and understandable manner and, if requested by the customer, inform him of its availability. Alternative options for consideration.

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