Films hit theaters in Ireland in September

Cinema septembre Irlande

From superhero flicks to musicals, from plays to horror flicks, trailers for Irish theaters in September will delight everyone!

Below the screen release date, check out the selected movies and their trailers below.

Annette (September 3)

A couple who look great – provocative comedian and internationally acclaimed opera singer – live a glamorous story in contemporary Los Angeles. However, with the birth of their mysterious baby girl, Annette, their lives change forever.

Zhang-Chi and the Epic of the Ten Rings (September 3)

Zhang-chi is the son of a Chinese mandarin who raised and educated his descendants in isolation, training them in martial arts and imparting unparalleled skills. When given the opportunity to make contact with other parts of the world, he quickly realizes that his father is not the humanity he claims to be, and he is forced to rebel.

Wildfire (September 3)

The film tells the story of two sisters who grew up in a town on the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland. When one of them, who is missing, finally returns home, the intense bond that unites the 2 sisters is reborn. Together, they reveal their mother’s past and deeply buried secrets and resentments.

Deadly (September 10)

Stunned by the shocking views of the brutal murders, Madison’s persecution is exacerbated when she realizes that her clear dreams are real!

Self (September 10)

The story of a single mother who decided to build her own house while trying to recreate her own life.

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Copshop (September 10)

A small town police station becomes an unlikely battlefield between a professional killer, a new policewoman and a traitor seeking refuge behind prisons because they do not know where to run!

Many Saints in Newark (September 24)

In 1967, racial tensions between blacks and Italians erupted in Newark, New Jersey. It is in this atmosphere that young Tony Soprano begins his training as one of the largest gangs in the region.

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