Films dedicated to the festival will hit virtual cinema in January

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O Virtual cinema, Platform Streaming It follows the standards of physical cinemas, invests in quality cultural pluralism and wins awards at films, nominees and film festivals in various categories and countries in January. With premieres across the country, always on Thursdays, as movies are virtual exhibitions, you can reach places where there are no movie theaters yet.

In the first week of this year, the Lithuanian play O Castello dos Sonhos opens and has been nominated for Best Picture in Gijn Internal Film Festival (2020). Next week, it’s the turn of the winner of the Da Vince Festival (2020), the Irish mystery film Contagio on the High Seas. The UK Comedy Fear of Loving 21, which has won 13 awards, including London Free Film (2020), San Diego International Film (2019), et al. Fest winner Artificial Intelligence – The Rise of Machines sci-fi movie opens on the 28th International Film Festival, Sofest Film Festival, etc.

Check the full schedule:

On the 13th, Monica Moved to Dublin. Pianist even against her mother’s wishes Jobless, She dreams Nothing ends with being a singer in a famous concert hall in Ireland Monica To make that dream come true.

Ocean contagion

A group of trawlers from Western Ireland leave the sea and fight for their lives against growing parasites. Your water supply.

Artificial Intelligence – The Rise of Machines

On the lone mission of astronaut Alpha Centauri Milutin Joins the Cyberg Nimani 1345. Desperate for human contact, Milutin Changes scheduled responses from Nimani, But in doing so he endangers not only the security of the mission, but also his own life.

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