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FilmCritic - It Has It All (2022) - Movies - Out now

It is present in all of us This is Antonia Campbell-Hughes’ first directorial venture, having previously made a name for herself as an actress – including Natasha Kampush. 3096 days. Psychological thriller takes us to the northeastern part of Ireland. This is where the story of Hamish, who lives in London, takes place, in a completely different environment, and yet with a connection to a small village in Northern Ireland, which gradually becomes clear.

However, it is clear in the opening sequence that Hamish is not a man of big words and will not make a big difference in 90 minutes. It is difficult to find access to him.

The atmosphere is very dense and mysterious. The initial drive through the foggy, lonely Irish landscape creates a beautiful and exciting starting point. Landscapes are accompanied by spherical sounds. Reminded of phone calls while driving It is present in all of us Almost anything Lock. The main character drives or walks through bad terrain again and again, making phone calls, thus learning one by one about his own past. The atmosphere provides the right conditions for a proper and exciting psychological thriller.

However, the film does not use this tension, which makes Ivan worse with his constantly repetitive appearance. Again and again the audience is left with the assumption that there must be a gripping twist soon or the story will soon reach the climax of suspense. But nothing happens. And so on It is present in all of us And gaining difficulty in intensity. The nerve-wracking arrangement and stunning sets are not filled enough, and the film wastes a lot of potential here.

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Hamishai Cosmos Jarvis’ calmness and restraint are perfectly acceptable, but he shows weaknesses when emotions have to be contained, for example, provocation with tears. It’s hard for you to buy it from him. It is present in all of us He never knew what he really was. Whether it is a psychological thriller or a drama, the film constantly oscillates between categories and makes you lose. Next time, make your decision!

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