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Interesting symbols, playful performances, various media outlets in the city, and the Magnus International Animation Film Festival (FICOM) do not exclude ways to invite young audiences to discover new and high quality films. Some animation masterpieces are presented exclusively in the preview or on Ficom. Others make headlines on streaming platforms. This trip to see the best characters in international animated films is cheap or sometimes free. Between in-depth workshops on animated films, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, Ficom’s 20th edition offers amazing moments of awe, sharing and cinematic discoveries for young and old alike.

“Everything in Scene 2”

The animation, created by English screenwriter and director Garth Jennings, was of great interest to the public at Ficom, at the French Institute in Meckenas and at the Mohammed El Menoni Theater. While the French Institute welcomed many groups of school children, the El Menoni Theater brought together adults and children who came to see this great artistic achievement. “Taws in Scene 2” is, of course, visually comforting, bringing together magical scenes and sequences of remarkable fluidity.
On the part of the character, the film presents more or less interesting stories: a rosy, shy Meena who is afraid of heights, and Johnny, who has trouble following a professional dance rhythm. The new character in this second part of “Towns Scene” is Clay Calloway, who is sure to return to the stage. The original version was dubbed the voice of Bono, the leader of the Irish group U2, the main character in “Tous N Scene 2”. The movie has three main songs from the Irish band: “I still have not found what I was looking for”, “Where the streets are not named”, and “Caught in a moment where you can not get out.”
Amidst many trials and tribulations, successes and failures, interesting scenes and other musical scenes, the show ends with beautiful notes created by U2. In short, we do not get bored when we see this movie which fills our eyes with beautiful music and a touch of emotion.

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“Red Alert”

The new Pixar “Red Alert” also created an event at Ficam 2022. Cute Red Panda, the protagonist of the film, literally seduced the young people who came to the El Menoni Theater for him. “It’s about the panda, the teenager and the guardian mother. Of course, we are interested. This is a funny and realistic film, “he said. The character of 13-year-old May, who turns into a giant panda depending on her emotions, represents many teenagers who do not know how to combine fun and responsibility. In an interesting setting, “Red” deals with a number of subtle themes, such as conflicts with adults or even the first feelings of love. Director Domi Shi’s film shows us how to accept ourselves and to understand that negative aspects are part of our personality. Everything is in balance!

“Bad guys”

The American box office hit “Bad Guys” also seduces Meknes. Many laughs were heard during its performance at the Mohammed El Menouni Theater as part of FICAM. Inspired by a series of best-selling children’s books, “Bad Guys” introduces a group of beasts, criminals who fly at terrifying heights, who are going to do the worst thing: to become decent citizens. DreamWorks commissioned this adaptation of Pierre Perifel, a Frenchman who was able to present a beautiful animation between humans and animals. Humor, action, suspense … there are many elements of success in this adventure comedy. He has five extraordinary friends: Mr. Wolf, the agile pickpocket, Mr. Snake, the safe-driller, Mr. Shark, the fun oblivion expert, Mr. Pirana, the quarrelsome Mr. Tarantula, and the giant hacker.

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Ficom also has outdoor screening. In the administration, families come to watch movies that make news internationally. On Monday, May 9, many children came to appreciate the Franco-Canadian animation of Laurent Seiton and Theodore Tie. Sitting on blankets, chairs, old banners and on the floor, children and adults alike followed the adventure of New Yorker Georgia Nolan, who wanted to become a firefighter for an hour and a half. Unlike what we see in animated films, the story of a naughty and determined heroine was watched by the public with great concentration. From childhood, Georgia had only one wish: to become a firefighter like her father! But the second scares her so much that in 1932 women were not allowed to do this job in New York. As city firefighters disappear one by one into a mysterious fire at Broadway theaters, Georgia sees a golden opportunity: she disguises herself as a man and joins a team of new firefighters tasked with preventing the blaze. The feminist approach of the film has aroused the curiosity of the young audience at Meknos. At the end of the outdoor movie session, many of them were asking questions about New York, especially the beginnings of women in the ranks of firefighters. Photos of the first female firefighters marked them as the theme of the film.

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