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FIH will maintain the worldly standard of women’s qualification in Rome during the Autumn

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Italy will host the Women’s Qualifying Tournament for the 2022 World Cup. It was established by the European Hockey Federation and was approved by the Italian Hockey Federation: ““We are delighted that the EHF has chosen our candidacy,” he said FIH President Sergio Mignardi (Pictured below) – This brings an international, high-level tournament to Italy years later. Our organization will be the same as always at Italian and European sports standards.

Photo by Fabrizio Corradetti / GMT
20 September 2020 Rome (Italy)
National Electoral Assembly of the Hockey Federation – Ostia Palace

The tournament will be held in Rome Since 2021 October 21 to 24 And 8 teams. Of these, three are certain: it is accurateItaly Roberto Carta,Ireland And ScotlandHe was ranked first at the championships in Amsterdam last June. Will come from a list that includes the other five Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Wales, That’s the teams participating in Championship II: The top five players in the tournament FIH Hockey Women’s World Cup 2022 – European Qualifier 2021 Rome.

The men’s tournament was replaced by the city of Cardiff, Wales. It will take place on the same dates as the Women (21-24 October 2021) and Gianluca Cyrili will have the opportunity to participate in Italy: to do so it will need to reach one of the top five places in the European B Championships in August in Guinea, Austria, Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Scotland and Switzerland. Already qualified (last three of the European A in Amsterdam) to host France, Russia and Wales.

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