Figure skating “needs its own Conor McGregor” – Russian icon

Figure skating "needs its own Conor McGregor" - Russian icon

Former Russian champion Maxim Kovutun says figure skating will grow with more controversial characters in the style of the famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

Four-time Russian national gold medalist Maxim Kovotun said the contestants would attract more fans of figure skating if they borrowed from the book by silver-tongued Irish speaker Conor McGregor.

The 26-year-old Cowan is one of the most successful figure skaters of his generation, having consistently won medals in junior and senior events throughout his career.

He was ranked sixth in the world in the 2015-16 season before announcing his retirement in 2019 – but even for an athlete of his undisputed ability, Cowan remains an obscure figure outside of skating circles.

If the Yekaterinburg native had what he wanted, the best players in the sport could get more attention by using the freedom to express themselves in the same style as UFC superstar McGregor.

“Do not comment if you have nothing to answer” Cootton told Match TV in a translation that he was referring to himself as the piece that applies itself to the biggest names in the sport. “If you have something to say, say it.

“Our athletes are facing provocative questions and will be more used to interacting with the media. The level of communication with the media will increase ”, He added.

While it may seem inappropriate for some to add gossip to a sport such as figure skating, Cowen believes it is more likely to get public attention if it disappoints and allows athletes to talk.

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“For example, I liked to learn something at press conferences”, He added. “Journalists know they can ask me any questions. I can only refuse if I want to gather my ideas and prepare for the competition.

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“In our country, people usually do not start communicating publicly until the end of their careers. I’m not saying everyone should deal with waste. But anyone who is ready can, it will increase the popularity of the sport. “

Cowen commented that the current state of social media is such that many athletes are reluctant to actually become themselves for fear of criticism from the waking crowd or figure skaters.

He added that the evidence that McGregor has risen from an unpublished Dubliner to a global superstar should be inspiring and should not be avoided.

“You are sometimes shocked by the rising tide on the internet from your response. I understand why athletes want to stick to a suitable image ”, He explained. ” Sportswear is not a business, the main goal is to show results. After strong statements, you will initially “shake” more.

“But figure skating needs its own Connor McGregor. In our figure skating, there is only one clear field of possible options when it comes to public relations. Like fun tournaments and rewards [film honors] Oscar Awards and more. All this can be done with [our sport]. ⁇

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