FIGC writes for Milan-’s Arts

FIGC writes for Milan-'s Arts

The paradox of this shameful season when the virus is affecting our lives chRoberto Mancini The national team has more assurances to choose from in sightEuropean within 80 days Than the challenge with him‘Northern Ireland, the first World Cup 2022 in Qatar, In just two days. “Most of the twenty-three I decided, they could dance to a couple,” he sincerely admits.

Italy on the brink of injury. The newly called Toloi and Calabria on the right may include doubts in the middle of the field between Sensei and Kristen. In attack, Kian Caputo can be weakened. Saniolo’s return is difficult. The ideas are clear in the head of the coach who dreams of making his debut in Rome with Turkey on June 11th. President Gravina is confident that Italy will not lose the right to host our four matches of the traveling European Championship: “We are trying to open the Olympics with a capacity of 25 to 50 per cent spectators.” The crucial meeting with UEFA is on April 5Decision on, 7th.

Now Mansini is facing an emergency in midfield. “We have a few problems,” he admits. The injured Jorgenho is missing and Kristen has returned home It is far from being fixed Inter fans question. Bastoni, Barella and Sensei are currently in Milan. Etz has given the green light to foreign players to be subject to shipping in their home country So Lukaku returned to Belgium, Brozovic and Perisic in Croatia, Eriksen in Denmark, Screenier in Slovakia, Radu in Romania, and Hakimi in Morocco.

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Meanwhile, the Italians have until March 31 to impose a moratorium on shipping in Milan Even if Inter have given the green light to collective training since Monday. There is tension in the case. It is clear that foreigners who once arrived in the country will respond to the call of their citizens. The Football Association, Seems ridiculous, Monday Etz wrote to ask players to call and be able to use them In three games (after Ireland there are away matches in Bulgaria and Lithuania). The answer is expected on Tuesday. Mancini is confident that the little Nerasuri team will join their team members in Parma tomorrow. The Irish have the most difficult challenge, Mansio sighed. Conte, on the other hand, wants to keep his followers in the pinnacle. O’Reilly, who works for Inter and the national team in the middle, was also blocked.

While waiting for the question to be clarified, Mancini opened up to the theory Extend the contract But until 2024: “It simply came to our notice then. This can happen before or after Europeans. Negotiations are set and the financial agreement is not visible. If he really signs, the coach will overtake Vicini and Sachi, who have been on the blue bench for 5 years.

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