FIFA’s worst player wants to reach World Cup as coach

Pior jogador da história do FIFA quer levar a Irlanda do Norte à Copa como treinador. AFP

Many former FIFA players receive special cards at FIFA, which immortalize the best players of the past and are the most coveted icons in the game. The Current Northern Ireland coach, For example, did not win an icon card but was marked as the worst player in the history of the game. Now, he hopes to have more luck in his coaching career to take his team to the 2022 World Cup.

The European qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar start on Wednesday (24). Portugal, Belgium and France took the first steps in the competition. Tomorrow, the ball continues to spin with Germany, Spain, England and many other teams.

Italy face coach Northern Ireland Ian Barracklow, Was a player for decades 1990 e 2000 He created his career in teams that excelled in English football. However, he owns a completely private brand that is considered one of the worst players in FIFA history, a franchise that has been in the gaming world for three decades.

The current Northern Ireland coach has hung up his boots Skantorp United, A team currently comprising the Fourth Division of English football, but at the time was in the Second Division.

During the 2009/10 season, Barrackloff was no longer on the team and was taking the first steps of his new career, working as an assistant to coach Nigel Adkins. However, the game’s developers included a technical assistant as a player in FIFA 10, a Very specific assessment.

The average score of athletes, as a whole, can reach a maximum of 99. In the current version of the game, Messi has 93 and special cards have 98, while Mbabane’s standard card has a total of 90, but in special editions it has reached 97.

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But that certainly did not happen in the case of Barclays in FIFA 10 No attribute – Submission, speed, kick, etc. – With more than 11 points, he scored it Overall D25 Title of The worst player in the history of the game.

The following year, he began his career as a coach, creating the senior squad three years after taking the helm of the Northern Ireland Under-21 team, where he has been trying to earn a place since last season in the next edition of the World Cup.

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