FIFA 22 or PES 2022? Here is the video of the new game prepared by the EA Sports FIFA team

FIFA 22 or PES 2022?  Here is the video of the new game prepared by the EA Sports FIFA team

FIFA has unveiled a new version of the game, EA Sports promises a revolution – will we experience it?

Source: Smart Life / EA Sports

Hypermotion gameplay technology The biggest news of the FIFA 22 game!

Transferring players recorded in actual action to a field game, at least in the opinion of the EA team, should be the biggest improvement in the football simulation we have experienced in the past.

Hypermotion gameplay technology This was done on the grass in teams of eleven games to convert every part the players played into virtual reality. In addition to the motion, we did a great recording of the facial expressions, player appearance, and other details, which we will experience on the PC and new generation consoles on September 27th and on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles from October 1st.

The 22 players were portrayed in special suits (excellence suits), but EA Sport‌s does not mention them, although it is clear that they are the biggest players, including Mbabane. Covers of all three versions of the FIFA 22 game.

Machine Learning is part of the FIFA 22 game, having trained over 8.7 million samples this year, and this year it will be used to emulate more beautiful and natural animations.

This season, FIFA 22 should improve the attitude of each team as well as move forward on the right field of play. Thanks to new technologies, more than 4,000 new animations have been created, which will increase the intensity of matches, response to reception, shot of the ball, and improve the physics of the game.

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Strategic artificial intelligence has made improvements in the areas of attack and defense, and will be updated over time to suit the habits of the players and teams that play it.

If the new player shooting technology does not complete all the work, ML-Flow technology will leapfrog, which will animate the player’s movements with a live artificial intelligence algorithm and improve movement and reaction after working on the grass.

The new KINETIC AIR BATTLES system allows for more reliable confrontations between two opponents in the air, especially when playing with the head, improving composite ball control for the ball to be played in two touches – situations where the ball controls not only the head, chest, and legs, but also the legs.

The last but not least innovation is the humanization of players. Although this is not very well explained, when it is generally clear that it is a football, we assume that it is the best representation of the players in the sequences before and after the corner, during goals, misses and penalties. Simulation, not the real thing.

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The game will be available for PC, Stadium, PlayStation and Xbox systems in three different versions of the new consoles, while the older ones will be standard only. PC players will have the Strom platform, Origin and EA Play Pro platform available. Prices for the game range from 60 to 80 euros, depending on the version selected.

Although fans were skeptical after Mbabane’s replay after yesterday’s announcement on the front page of the game that FIFA 22 would make big changes – EA seems to have done its homework this time around. PES 2022 has not yet been proven, but it could have a huge impact on the start – the first but unconfirmed information will do Be born PES 2022!

How do you feel about FIFA 22 innovations?

FIFA 22 Video
Source: EA Sports FIFA

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