Fiasco Cop26 Governments ‘mistake, citizens’ assemblies are required by lot

Fiasco Cop26 Governments 'mistake, citizens' assemblies are required by lot

Marco Capato is re-launching a collection of signatures online on via SPID for the first time, for a popular entrepreneurship law that allows’ lots of citizens’ assemblies’ to be brought to Italy.

Invest in the participation of citizens selected by lot to prevent a climate emergency: this is not a recipe for witch apprenticeship, but a strategic choice made by more and more Western nations to meet the challenge of the century.
The aspirations of China and India were cut short COP26, Rearrange the ultimate goal from the “reduction” of global emissions to the simplest “reduction”, Is a symptom of an increasingly obvious situation: as long as the fight against climate change remains the sole concern of governments, the likelihood of implementing the necessary and urgent policies for the sustainability of the planet is diminishing.
Words of Greta Thunberg Comments at the intergovernmental summit reflect this awareness: “It is no secret that the Glasgow Climate Conference failed. It is clear that we cannot solve the climate crisis using the same methods.
Therefore, a question of methods, climate activists also noted: environmental policies do not bring consensus, they are hostage to unified economic interests, and concern a time horizon, although it is urgent, it is far from a very short period of time before the election. Politics is more focused. In addition, there is a lack of social acceptance of measures that have significant repercussions on the economy, and elected officials are concerned about re-election and lack the courage to confront. All factors that make it inappropriate for parliaments and governments to take the necessary steps to combat climate change.

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When looking at our home, confirmation is easy to find. Not even the Draghi government has been able to move the 34.6 billion euro elephant Italy provides environmentally harmful subsidies every year (in figures) Of Legambion), Precisely, the interests divided between the various sectors are very high: 12.86 billion euros per year for energy (most of which is for drilling); 16.6 billion euros in direct and indirect subsidies for transportation; 3.1 billion euros for agriculture; പ്രധാന 1.1 billion per year for construction, citing key examples.

So what is the democratic alternative to the inertia of politics? Let us return to the Assemblies of Citizens; Representative samples of citizens who study and discuss the support of experts in meetings facilitated by professionals to find solutions to issues of public interest and compared to different voices of society. A way of suggesting extreme weather measures that travel around the world. The search for Citizens’ Assemblies to address climate and environmental challenges has experienced a remarkable acceleration, especially in the last two years. Consider the first Citizens’ Assembly on the subject of climate and environmental protection “Citizens’ Assembly of Ireland” In 2016/2018. The two-year process has actually led 99-member citizens to face a number of issues, the most well-known of which is the abortion clearance. In this context, one of the questions raised in the Assembly was exactly “How can Ireland be a leading country in the fight against climate change?”

G20 and Cop26, the pope urges children to pay attention to the weather: “They are the most intelligent”

The year after the end of the Irish trial, it was France’s turn to inaugurate a system of assemblies that focused entirely on climate and environmental issues. Now known “Citizens’ Convention on Climate Change” President Macron wanted to respond to the yellow dress protests involving 150 citizens between October 2019 and June 2020. Nine months of work in five sub-disciplines – life; the work; Move; Eat; Consumption – Recommendations on how France can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030 in the spirit of social justice.

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During the convention in France, the first National Citizens’ Assembly of the country was launched across the British Parliament channel. “Climate Conference UK”, 108 citizens called in a four-month job from January to May 2020 – to point out how the country can completely reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In November 2020, despite the end of the British process in the spring, the Scottish Government decided to create their own “Scottish Climate Assembly”: 102 members called to work until March 2021 to answer the self-defined question at the end of the initial deliberation process aimed at referring to the Assembly’s: ” How can Scotland change to cope? “.

Is all this only in Europe? No. Low State of Washington in the USA, For example, an assembly was held between November 2020 and March 2021 with the aim of imagining how effective climate mitigation strategies could be implemented in a reasonable manner.

We are here in 2021, when some national assemblies will be held “Bugerat Weather”In Germany, between April and June, 160 citizens were brought together with the goal of defining the best route and most efficient means of complying with the Paris climate agreements.

Finally, on November 20 this year, in a few days, he will begin his work there “Citizen Assembly for Climate” From Spain. The 100 citizens will now work in five online sessions from April 2022: “How can we achieve a secure Spain in the face of climate change?”. As an initiative, it is the direct result of two actions taken by the Madrid government over the past two years: the declaration of a climate emergency in January 2020 and the May 2021 Environmental Transformation Act.

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Should we leave Italy alone as the whole world moves towards democratic reform? Finally, our country is taking the initiative and taking its first steps in this direction “Citizens for the Climate”, Promoted by the Alliance “Politicians in each case – told to decide”, Support and funding of the Pan-European movement Umans. The signature collection has been going on for a few days Online, 50,000 signatures are required to be deposited in Parliament at parties and municipalities. Public Enterprise Law It provides for the establishment in Italy of all governing bodies of Citizens Assemblies as a tool of consultative partnership available to citizens and institutions.

Those who read us can lend a hand Signing here, To ensure that Italy finally has a new horizon in democratic reform and the fight against climate change.

Signed article Lorenzo Minio, Coordinator of Politico Per Caso (Committee seeking to bring randomly elected citizens’ assemblies to Italy), and Marco Capeto, Founder of the Pan-European Movement Eumans – Citizens for Democracy and Sustainability.

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