Few people know that this skin cream can restore white hair color

Few people know that this skin cream can restore white hair color

Gray hair, or the natural process, over time, giving the hair a white color is considered by many to be a blemish. There are many people who spend thousands of euros a year on specific products or treatments. Purpose: To restore the natural color of the hair or dye it with a new color. After a thousand Do natural remedies yourself, The only really effective remedy is to resort to expensive hairdressing interventions. At least to this day. In fact, one recently Research Vitiligo revealed the incredible effect of pomade on hair color. Few people know that this skin cream can restore the color of white hair without the need for dyes and lotions. If confirmed, this theory will revolutionize the beauty routine of millions of people and save them a lot of money.

This is because with age, the hair becomes whiter

The process of turning our hair white is completely natural. This is because of the free radicals that inhibit the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair color. Free radicals are the result of the normal metabolic processes of our body. Therefore, free radicals are always produced in our body, but up to a certain age a group of enzymes keep their effects away. However, with increasing age, the effect of enzymes fades, so free radicals age the entire organism (from skin to hair).

Free radicals accumulate in the hair follicles, disrupting normal melanin production and causing gray hair. But a group of Anglo-German scholars found a way to counteract this phenomenon by exploiting an enzyme contained in a skin ointment.

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Few people know that this skin cream can restore white hair color

Two research groups at Greifswald University and Bradford University have speculated that the activity of free radicals could be counteracted. To do this, they thought of using an enzyme that resists the effects of oxidative stress (produced by radicals themselves). This enzyme was found in the ointment against vitiligo, a widespread skin disease that affects the skin pigment melatonin.

The survey involved 2,400 people, and showed how an ointment with PC-KUS enzyme as an active ingredient works on hair follicles. This enzyme, in essence, inhibits the activity of free radicals and prevents the production of melanin.

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