Festi Rencontres 2022 Château-Chinon, September 30, 2022, Château-Chinon (city).

Festi Rencontres 2022 September 30 and October 1 Château-Chinon
2 day pass: €25.00
Morvan Ireland Scotland

Château-Chignon 58120 Château-Chignon Château-Chignon (City) 58120 Nièvre Burgundy-Franche-Comté

Take part in the 5th Festivalcontres Morvan-Scotland-Ireland. For 2 days we will vibrate and dance to the sound of bagpipes, diatonics, guitars……concerts and trad balls!

Friday, September 30 :

  • Trade Ball Evening with South Morvan Conservatory Music School.
  • Due Megnier Buteau (Morvan)
  • Princess Miska (France)

Saturday 01 October

  • Morning sessions in bars.
  • Time of Trade (Morvan)
  • Four Star Trio (Ireland)
  • Trio Katz Mackenzie Martin (Scotland)
  • Morvan Massif Plus Guests (Morvan)

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