“Felix and the Treasure of Morgia”: The Quest for Paternal Love

"Felix and the Treasure of Morgia": The Quest for Paternal Love

A plot that has become a common thread in Quebec animated film, imagining the story of a little boy searching for his missing father. Felix and Morgia Treasure, Director Nicola Lemey, unknowingly, echoes her own quest for her father’s love.

“Unknowingly, I talked to my dad a little bit”, the director who co-produced with Mark Robittail to enhance the scene of this feature film Adventures, picks up the poster at the same time as the theaters reopen this weekend. .

Lemo’s story revolves around a 12 – year – old boy, Felix (voice of Gabriel Lazard), who asks a retired sailor (Guy Nadon) to go in search of his father, who has been missing at sea for two years. They end up on a secret island, and Megalomaniac Morgia (Karin Vanase) is jealous of this treasure, which offers eternal youth.

In fact, Nicola Leme is the son of Jean-Guy Leme (named after G. Guileme, his artist), author of the popular comics of the 1970s. Bojol The Cobacois Huron.


“We are talking about one lakh copies, which was a great success during the Quebec Power, and since then my dad has been running a lot, success. It had to be sold. When I was younger, I didn’t care Bojol. All I want is my father, ”he recalls.

Like Felix in his history.

The same inspiration Star Wars

For the past twenty years, Nicola Lemey has successfully entered the world of animation. He has signed on for a few short films, some of which have won awards at festivals.

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For his first feature film, he continued the tradition of the 10th Highway Productions House (The Legend of Sarila, Le Coqu de Saint-Victor, Nellie, and Simon: Mission Yeti) In this case by camping the starting point of the story in deles-de-la-Madeleine, an area of ​​Quebec.

On the other hand, he says he shared an Irish inspiration to create the island-of-the-eternal-night in Morgia … Star Wars.

“I don’t want a tropical island or a magical island with its own ecosystem. I want something realistic. I had previously worked in Ireland, and I really liked the very dry, nothing-growing Scaling Islands. Star Wars They took the same reference and fired on the spot. “

Whether to age or not

Through the timeless ideal of the character of Morgia, a narcissistic and vulnerable woman with a frozen silhouette for eternity, Karen Vanase, who makes her voice heard in the French and English versions of the film, can be found parallel to the pressure. For actresses to swallow any signs of aging through cosmetic surgery.

“If we had this question, imagine what it would be like for children to watch this movie as adults. Seeing an aging face can be confusing. I’m sure we associate it with Hollywood stars, but how many of their Quebec girls in their twenties have been vaccinated? It’s too big, ”she laments. The actress praised the recent decision Elle Quebec To build his first page with a woman like Pascal Busier in his fifties, he claims to have always been able to resist, until now, the sirens of Botox.

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“I was under pressure from some people that if there was no crease on my face it would look good on screen. If he weren’t there, we might have less emotions, and my job is to convey emotions. Coming to play on my face does not tempt me because I am afraid it will affect the quality of my game. ”

Felix and Morgia Treasure Currently playing across Quebec.

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