Federal Revenue and OECD Transfer Pricing Project in Brazil – Portuguese (Brazil)

Preços de Transferência

General presentation of the Internal Revenue Service and the new transfer pricing system for Brazil today (12) in partnership with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Kingdom Government. The event was broadcast live on the company’s YouTube channel.

On behalf of the Federal Revenue Special Secretary, Tax Auditor Julio Cesar Vieira Gomez, “Brazil and the OECD, as represented by the Federal Revenue Service, have been developing a project to evaluate Brazilian legislation on transaction pricing since 2018. In 2019 we published an extensive and in-depth report in which we draw the conclusion that the key elements of the simplification of its legislation are already present, further legislating the key elements of its legislative simplification. Embodies and enables.At the same time, we recognize that there were and still are some factors that need to be improved to avoid double taxation and non-taxation, which are detrimental to our goals in our assignment with transfer pricing and OECD guidelines.

Julio Caesar explained that overcoming these factors, which still need to be improved, will allow Brazil to expand, expand and protect its tax base, making it more attractive for foreign investment and further integrating the country into global financial networks.

On behalf of Finance Minister Paulo Goodes, “The great breakthrough we are celebrating today, when it succeeds in this merger, is that we avoid two evils: the harm of excessive taxation and the double taxation that prevents investment, and the harm of evading profits by shifting profits to more favorable tax legislation, which is fundamental, because in this global society adopted by the integration of these systems into society. This allows us to achieve efficiency through efficient utilization of investments..

Deputy Special Secretary, Internal Revenue Service, Tax Auditor Sandro Serpa ended the meeting by announcing that the next step would be discussions with the private sector who are interested in contributing to the progress of the project.

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Finance Minister Paulo Goodes, Federal Revenue Special Secretary and tax auditor Julio Cesar Vieira Gomez, and Pascal Saint-Amans, director of the OECD’s Center for Tax Policy and Administration, attended the event. Melanie Hopkins, interim member of the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Brazil, and assistant special secretary and tax auditor Sandro de Vargas Serpa had virtually more than 700 viewers on the Federal Revenue’s YouTube channel.

View event with translations into Portuguese (left) or English (right):

Click here To access the presentation in Portuguese.

Click here To access the presentation in English.

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