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Le Racing restait sur quatre revers de rang en Top 14.

Find out what caught the attention of our special correspondent in Nanre, after the Isle-de-France victory over the ഗ്Wargnats (33-28).

At the Paris La Defense Arena,


Racing stops bleeding
A slow success but one that feels good. After four consecutive defeats in the top 14, it was difficult to establish dominance in Clermont, and Seal et Blanks returned to victory on Saturday (33-28). A win to control or guarantee, but the Houts-D-Sean team deserves to be revived. This victory allows racing to climb to eighth place in the standings, with defeats from Pau and Stade Franസois. Stade Rochellez is six points behind sixth. Days 3 and 4 of the Champions Cup (against Northampton with Ospreys), the Isle-de-France residents will have to confirm this slight improvement on the Stade Toulouse lawn. Great test of character. Some will need to climb into the top 6 by the end of the season.

Tibergien was released very early on, in Mola Beefy
After being “crazy” and confused on both sides in the first half, Czech Tibergion was able to pull out of the game, but Clermont (22)’s promising back was flawless despite the high balloons in his elevation and intervention. Experienced Kurtley competes in the air with Beale. In the neatly recovered candle (38th) he tries to escape from Finn Russell, who could certainly speak with an explosion of his speed. But in this activity he is dealing with, he gets a shock in the fall head on and he has to give up his position. Too bad for ASM, Auvergne was able to play fairly to the expectations. Notice, not once the custom, but the whole part of George Mowala, who returned as a substitute during the victory over Toulouse (16-13). Jonard’s midfielder suffered extensive damage in the Ile-de-France defense.

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Clove strokes

Vakatava near the plate
A rough match, bad choices, hand mistakes. Virimi Vakatava lost the match against ASM. The recurring problem for three-quarters of racing is far from its best for many outings. He was a direct participant in the first two Clermont trials: first, a cadre who promised Penaud (5th) his first attempt, and a few minutes later he was unable to stop the power of the Mowala (21st). Having suffered a rib injury this fall and missed the November tour of France XV in November, the racingman has – for the time being – not likely to be impacted. “Viri” was not considered long ago as one of the best centers in the world, a key player in the French team. For the time being, this is no longer the case … Olivier Clemensack, 43, was hit in the right knee.E Minutes.

Chronic fever of racing
In the first half, the inhabitants of the Ile-de-France showed sparkling excitement. Like the hand mistakes in the spades, the failed launches, the lack of offense, and Loret’s badly discussed dismissal, this leads directly to Forcade’s (26th) experiment. Since the start of the season, the Laurent Travers team has been connected to alternating current. Those who are capable of delivering such brilliant strikes against Northampton in the Champions Cup, as well as those who know the big air holes, are in the top 14. However, this Saturday Laurent Travers’ men stood up against the overgrown and managed to turn a very bad part. . There is still a lot to solve …

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Lavannini, of course
You may think he is doing it on purpose. But it must be stronger than him. Argentina’s Thomas Lavani was shown a yellow card in front of the club on Saturday for another offense. This will not solve the problem of Puma, who is known for his games and repetitive cards. This was his third game with ASM and his second yellow card against UBB since then. To think that he found the basis this Saturday after a five-week suspension for receiving a red card with Argentina against Ireland (for violent clearing). We do not remake ourselves.

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