Favorite Netflix series ends after season 3 – Marseille News

Favorite Netflix series ends after season 3 - Marseille News

Netflix’s Derry Girls’ fans received bitter news when showrunner Lisa McGee announced that season three would be the show’s final season. Filming for the series began in early October, with the final season airing in 2022.

Although it is common on Netflix to cancel a series after three seasons, McGee reassured fans that it has always been his plan. “I always planned to say goodbye after three rounds,” she wrote on Twitter as she made the announcement. “Derry Girls is an old story; follow the ridiculous five teenagers, they’m slowly … very slowly … starting to grow into adults because the area they call home is starting to change and Northern Ireland has entered a more bewildering phase – it was a small, magical window.”

“Derry Girls is a love letter to the people who shaped me, where I came from,” McGee continued. “It’s an honor to write to him, and I’m always proud of everything he’s achieved. I want to thank the people of Derry and Northern Ireland for their support. It’s the only channel that has done our show. “

Who knows if Erin, Claire, Orla, Michelle and James will ever return in another form, but we’re so excited to portray our amazing cast and crew in this series, and hopefully, take our loyal fans in one final adventure, ”McGee concluded. Derry Girls’ Season 2 was released in 2019 and was an amazing success for Netflix, with fans eagerly awaiting the next episode, but Covid-19 is causing serious production delays.

Actress Siobhan McSweeney, who plays Sister Michael, has given an update on her favorite series, following a group of friends who went through the turmoil in Northern Ireland in the early 90s. In an interview with the Radio Times, McSweeney admitted that what he can really say about the Season 3 production is that the cast and crew “hope to do it this year.” But this has so far been a “planning nightmare”. “Lies [McGee, the creator] Obviously we do not want to compromise on quality, but for obvious reasons I think we are all very eager to do that, ”McSweeney said in an interview. McSweeney added that he expects Season 3 to develop before his character, Sister Michael. “Die,” he joked again, “I do not know. That’s what’s really exciting about being an actor; I do not know where she’s going to be – it depends on Lisa’s ideas, but she’s not really impressed with what she does.”

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