Farrell and Mortensen in a film about cave rescue

Farrell and Mortensen in a film about cave rescue

In 2018, a youth soccer team was trapped in a cave in Thailand. A material for Hollywood, of course. Director Ron Howard can be considered a great class of actors.

Nearly three years into the rescue operation, more than a thousand helpers have rescued a young football team and their coach from a flood cave in Thailand. Oscar-winning director Ron Howard (“A Beautiful Mind”, “The Da Vinci Code”) announced last year that he would bring the dramatic story to the big screen under the title “Thirteen Lives”. As US magazine “Deadline” now reports, he was able to get into a significant star cast: Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen and Joel Edgerton will be part of the international cast.

The film tells the true story of rescuing twelve boys and their soccer coach from an impenetrable cave in 2018. Not only volunteers from around the world, but also many Thai families and neighbors came together for 18 days to kill the youngsters. .

Colin Farrell (“The Gentlemen”) plays John Volunteer, a former cave diving expert who specializes in underwater rescue and played a key role in relief efforts. Volunteer, now 50, received the George Medal in 2019, the second highest civilian award for bravery in Great Britain. Wiggo Mortensen (“Lord of the Rings”) plays the Englishman Richard Stanton, who also received the George Medal for cave diving. Dr. Joel Edgerton (“The King”) Richard Harris, an Australian anesthetist and veteran cave diving expert, has been named the “Australian of the Year” in 2019.

Other cast members include Nofen Boonai, Ware Sukolawath, Thirapath Sajakul, Sahajak Boontanakit, Vithaya Pansouringarm, Tom Batman, Paul Gleeson, Louis Fitz-Gerald and Tiradon Supunpinio.

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