Farewell to the Italian web tax, with low global taxes. Talk about Carnival-Mafia

Farewell to the Italian web tax, with low global taxes.  Talk about Carnival-Mafia

According to Carnevale-Maffe, an economist at SDA Bocconi, the agreement on the global minimum tax has “more political meaning than economic”. He then says: “Italian web tax misunderstood”

“The agreement reached by the G7 finance ministers in London on global tax yesterday was a” great day “because” the unity of international taxation was discussed for the first time, “he said. Vittorio or Cola, Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transitions speaking at the Trento Economy Festival. “This is the beginning of a great journey,” he added. With a share of 15 or 21 per cent, “everything is fine, this is a path to seeing a deal for the first time in the general direction of equity in the distribution of tax revenue,” he explained. Minister Colo explained that local web tax is no longer required when the new is approved.

The second Carlo Alberto Carnevale-Maffe, SDA Bocconi Economist, Contract Low corporate tax – “In principle, now”, he underlines – “It has a political meaning rather than an economic one.” This is a return to versatility after a season of unilateral tariffs. ” Donald Trump In White House. Established accent Polo Gentiloni, The European Commissioner for Economy, paved the way for an agreement on “a change in US government policy.” “as well as Janet Yellen (US Treasury Secretary, AD) “After many tensions between the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean and some tensions between Europeans, it’s very difficult to make a meaningful push back on the G7,” the commissioner explained.

“The technical details of the patronymic devil’s favorite area, which has been debated for years, have not been decided, and we can draw three clues,” Carnevale-Maffe continues, Formiche.net. “the first Free travel Individual state taxes: This will affect Ireland and Cyprus more than the Caymans. But it will motivate big boys Corporation To the reorganization of its headquarters. The second, inversion and symmetry, is that levying exorbitant and extortionate taxes, which some governments demand for corporate profits, is a fatal blow. Third, the Italian-style web tax applicable to turnover (in fact, a trivial protectionist duty to terminate a consumer) was financially misleading and those who tried to impose it would have to take it back.

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In this sense, Eugenio Pharma, Nobel Prize in Economics and Chicago School Reference Point, newspaper interviewed Print Seven identified two issues of approved tax. “The first is legal. I believe that the President of the United States and the leaders of many other countries do not have the authority to implement such an agreement. It has to go to Congress, and I’m not sure it will be that easy to find a majority for approval. The second is economic: “Companies do not pay this tax because they pass it on to consumers as always”. For this reason, the economist of Italian origin explained, “The details of implementation are fundamental to understanding whether growth will have a positive effect or turn into a depressing process.”

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