Farewell to 20 years of history

Farewell to 20 years of history

21 years later, Google says goodbye to the toolbar for Internet Explorer, except for the search engine.

Google a Cemetery of abandoned products and services Very abundant, in which they lie very much Some of the most notorious failures Mountain View Giant Other services that have not expired, After years of undeniable utility promise and being replaced with more modern and / or more functional ones.

The second Google Toolbar, Because the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer has said goodbye to one of the California company’s oldest services. After 21 years you decided to delete this plugin Indicates that users have already integrated their options into Chrome.

Google has been releasing its legendary ‘toolbar’ for over 20 years.

Allies of Android Police It emphasizes exactly that This Google Bar site was still in the latest Internet Explorer, Expands functionality and provides direct access to searches and other options at a time Web browsers also began to develop, Still very basic and from an early stage.

21 years later, despite the search engine itself, the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer is probably the oldest Google service still active.

In 2021, Google was the most searched site in Spain

Curiously, Google has muted this service, Without ads, practically without anyone noticing, anything Indications used are small or useless ToolbarInternet Explorer, after all, has become obsolete and will lose its support by mid – 2022 next year.

The news was revealed by Ron Amedeo, a writer at Ars Technica who did his own research to write an article about Google’s older products. Google bar for Internet Explorer has already been removed Previously could not be downloaded in any browser, Google warns that its functionality is integrated into Chrome.

Google has fired its ancient toolbar

This indicates that Google has already integrated all of its ‘toolbar’ functionality into Chrome.

If you’ve never used it, we’re going to take you to a situation with web browsers They were not allowed to search directly in the address bar, Or they had no built-in ads or pop-up blocks, both functions They integrate well with the translator into the Google Toolbar, Auto-complete operations, or misspell checkers.

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Also, there was a toolbar A category “Privacy” More transparent This allowed us to disable our direct or complete involvement in data collection programs for personal experience, Something more complicated to deal with today In our Google Accounts.

However, despite being an important part of the history of the Internet globally, we have already mentioned, His fall was practically unnoticed by anyone, So we need to understand that its use was a testament in our time. Most browsers, in fact, can already do everything Toolbar And in a 100% native way.

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