Fantasy, the Railroad with its views and lots of greenery: 5 most amazing places in Ireland, the Emerald Isle

Fantasy, the Railroad with its views and lots of greenery: 5 most amazing places in Ireland, the Emerald Isle

2022 is the perfect year to discoverIreland. In fact, this year marks the centenary of the publication UlyssesA masterpiece by James Joyce, one of the most famous sons of this country, especially in recent years, he has discovered a land of digital innovation and tourism that incorporates environmental awareness.

the reason Visit Ireland? After all, everyone can give a different answer. There are those who admire its brewery and those who want to immerse themselves in the wonderful atmosphere of fairies and legends and are simply – but not trivially – fascinated.Emerald IsleThe greenery and landscape of Ireland, one of the greenest lands in Europe.

Frankoroso has several suggestions Do you travel, Dedicated to those who wish to discover all aspects of this author’s destination. Here are five places to visit in the name of originality.

The essence of Ireland is the end

Strong winds blowing through the Atlantic waters and passing through Moore. Climate that changes in a matter of seconds, drawing different landscapes at each glance. Area കൊന്നമര, On the west side of the island, is one of the most ideal for Ireland postcard seekers. About 80 km north of Galway (less than 4 hours from Dublin and 290 km by road) is the headquarters of the Connemara National Park, which is relatively undamaged and majestic. From small sandy beaches to large cliffs, here you can enjoy an experience of interacting with nature, which is satisfying. The most beautiful points? There are many, among them Renault Peninsula as well as Coral Strand, A beach full of coral reefs. Among the peat bogs and peaks that rise in most of the flat landscape, you will enjoy the most authentic and wild of Ireland here.

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The largest needle in the world

Some may argue that this is not a real needle but a self-supporting peak, but the reality is that Dublin Spear It’s like a tailor’s tool. This modern monument is influential and almost deconstructed compared to a city with Victorian views, standing 120 m high, 3 m in diameter at the bottom and 15 cm at the top. In the middle of O’Connell Street, this is a ‘moving’ monument that can move up to a meter and a half on windy days (but this is a very common phenomenon). One of the capital’s attractions, between the National Gallery and Dublin Castle, is a real treasure trove of cultures and landscapes to discover.

Ring of Kerry

Go to the Amalfi coast, add a pinch of dolomites, place everything on an island with an ocean view, and you get only a tenth of it. Ring of Kerry. In the southernmost county of all Ireland, a circular route, starting and ending at Killarney, marks a real ‘circle’ around the Ivory Peninsula, touching all its most beautiful parts. A road suitable for motorcyclists (it’s not a coincidence, it’s like the general public of riders), but it can be found in your own way and in your own time. Surrounded by ancient walls, forts, waterfalls and picturesque beaches, the Ring of Kerry Ireland invites slow and rediscovered tourism. Of these Bia de Saint Finian, An ancient pagan burial ground dominated by Christianity churches and monasteries that dominate a long shoreline protected by two hill wings (few traces remain today), the wind draws real artistic masterpieces based on the waves. Let’s appreciate it from here Skellig MichaelAn island rising from the sea almost like the top of a mountain, with a 588-year-old monastery on it.

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R. on the rightSan Michel’s occiaAs the name implies, Star Wars filmed some scenes from the Saga movies Awakening of the Power E The last JD.

Here are the most beautiful castles in Ireland

Ireland is a land of forts. Thanks to long British rule, many of these architectures date back to the various historical (architectural) periods of the United Kingdom. A journey into time, in which we distinguish:

  • Il Trim Castle, County Meath (Dublin North). The first castle in Ireland during the Anglo-Norman period, covering an area of ​​three hectares, was built by Hugh de Lacy at the end of the twelfth century; Lateral structures are damaged and only the middle is well preserved.
  • The Cashel Rock (Or St. Patrick’s), in the Tipperary area, is one of the most important surviving examples in Ireland from the Celtic period. This is where the actual population retreated during Christianization, of course Cashel Is a variation of Fort, Meaning fort. From the majestic building, which is partially preserved, you can admire the green panorama of the countryside in 360 degrees.
  • Il Kilkenny Castle, In the city of the same name, is an aristocratic residence that has been transformed in connection with the original layout of the 12th century. The first assembly of the Irish Confederation was held here in 1640. It was privately owned by the city until 1967, and now houses a museum of Irish history.
  • Il King Jones Castle It is a fort built on an island in the middle of the Shannon River in Limerick, not far from the sea delta. Here are the remains of an ancient Viking settlement, well-preserved and built by Thormoder Helgason: a comforting place because you can see with your own eyes all the Irish evolution from Celtic to Viking, Christian and British. And finally free.
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A park with a thousand faces

Let us return to Dublin to end our journey through the wonders of Ireland. Phoenix Park, The second largest closed city park in Europe. Is there a fence? Yes, because 712,000 square meters of public green (about 10 times less than Villa Borges, less than twice as much as Parco Sempione) Sixteen kilometers of wallsThe basis for defining an area with a thousand faces.

In fact, there is within it Dublin Zoo (Founded even in 1830), a large dedicated stupa Duke of Wellington 62 m tall, a large Papal cross In 1979, in memory of Pope John Paul II, A.D. Castello (Seventeenth-century Ashtown Castle) and Presidential Palace, Or the residence of the President of the Republic. The complex has been the home of Michael de Higgins since 2011 and has been twice consecutively elected to the state’s highest office, the poet and Ireland’s most beloved character in his calm and friendly style, as well as his faithful companion on all public trips. , CourageA Bernice Mountain dog often immortalized in photos and videos of institutional situations.

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