Families of Craigown Hospital patients who died with Kovid ‘deserve an answer’

Families of Craigown Hospital patients who died with Kovid 'deserve an answer'

Health Minister Robin Swann said the families of patients who died of covid-19 at the hospital deserved answers.

He was speaking after it was confirmed that two people had lost their lives in an explosion at the Craigown Area Hospital.

A third of the 14 patients on the hematology ward diagnosed with the corona virus died after being discharged. Although the virus is not said to be the primary cause.

The family of John Fleming, 79, of Loughgill, Co. Armag, was diagnosed with the corona virus just days before he was discharged last month, Irish News reported.

He was pronounced dead Thursday evening.

Daughter Jon Stuart has demanded more answers than an apology from the authorities, saying the father “blamed the hospital”.

A woman in her seventies, locally named Alice McShaine from Derimakas, near Lurgan.

The Southern Trust expressed its deepest condolences on the deaths and extended its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.

Swann said the death was “extremely sad and disturbing.”

“This situation calls for a comprehensive and speedy investigation. Patients and grieving families deserve an answer.”

Dolores Kelly, a member of the SDLP Upper Ban Assembly, said three Kovid clusters had been identified at the hospital.

“Patients and families expect to be safe in the hospital.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Health announced yesterday that 61 people across Northern Ireland had tested positive for Kovid-19 and reported one more death.

According to the latest figures from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, four deaths related to the corona virus were registered last week. This brings the total to 873 during the pandemic.

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