Fall Guys makes fun of the new content called “Big Yeats”

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Fall Guys The new content mocks a Twitter post that mentions the hammer “Big Yeats”.

In the tweet, a super speed spinning hammer shows a GIF at the game’s disse heights level. The hammer is used to throw or “eat” the player to the finish line.

Fall Guys Big Yeats appears randomly “to stir things up” and says that it is flawless neutrality and not your friend, not your enemy.

Another interesting journey from the GF is that the fruits are deployed at the end of DC Heights. As the game stands now, the balls are sent out at the end of the level, not the result.

The inclusion of fruits along with the Big Yeats hints at variants of the current level in the game. Season two Fall Guys, It will be a joke last week and a medieval theme, it will add more levels, but there is no release date yet.

Of course, divides Fall Guys’ Social media history, this tweet could be a memo troll, and not an actual addition to the upcoming. We should find out more in the coming days.

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