Falkov answers scientists’ ideas about the “Iron Curtain” for science :: Society :: RBC

Falkov answers scientists' ideas about the "Iron Curtain" for science :: Society :: RBC

In the third reading, the State Duma recently adopted a law regulating educational activities, which was approved by the Federation Council. The law introduces the definition of the concept of “educational activity”, the government has the power to determine the order and form of educational activity, and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education come to conclusions about the advice of cooperation. Between educational institutions and international organizations.

As stated in the lower house of parliament, the legal purpose is to “protect Russian citizens and primarily school children and students from anti-Russian propaganda under the guise of educational activities.” Its authors propose to ban the use of this activity to incite social, racial, national and religious hatred, including “giving students false information about the historical, national, religious and cultural traditions of the people.”

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Because of the law Dissatisfaction The scientific community primarily regulates the functioning of educational programs and imposes significant restrictions on those who popularize science. “Many dignitaries, including members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who are directly involved in popularization and education, have strongly criticized the bill and demanded that it not be passed in any way. However, the lower house approved the document, which silences those who read popular science lectures and engage in educational activities, ”said one of the legal critics, Alexander Markov, a professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences and a doctor in biological sciences. With RBC.

In February, St. Petersburg cultural figures sent a letter to Putin, Prime Minister Mikhail Michustin and State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. They expressed concern that the bill would create preconditions for censorship, in particular, requiring coordination with educational materials authorities prior to publication, which would complicate the conduct of educational activities, “but not in any way affect the activities of banned extremist organizations.”

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Department of Espionage: How Russian scientists were charged with treason

In recent years, the number of cases against scientists in Russia has increased. The case of Victor Kudryavtsev, a scientist at CNI Mash (the scientific institution of Roscosmos), is one of the most recent cases. Jailed for more than a year on high treason charges – sent confidential information via e-mail to a Belgian institute; In 2019, he exercised restraint as a written obligation not to leave the country due to serious health conditions.

Members of the Informal Association of Academicians and Corresponding Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Club “July 1” Repeat CondemnedAbout establishing criminal cases against scientists related to their professional activities. Such cases, in their view, should be subject to RS scrutiny. Scientists say the academy hires highly qualified specialists with access to closed jobs, and references to the investigation into the secretive nature of the allegations “cannot act as an excuse for bias.”

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