Fake plane ticket fraud on Facebook!

Facebook fake plane ticket fraud

The “Ryanair France” page offers free tickets in exchange for a comment …

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(Boursier.com) – Slightly attractive offer… For the past few days, a Facebook page called “Ryan Air France” has been offering low-cost airline colors, offering free airline tickets in exchange for a simple comment. While she already has over 400,000 responses, This “competition game” was actually a scam!

The page created on May 16th published the following message: “We decided to celebrate our 50th anniversary by offering 2 free tickets to anyone who typed ‘done’ before 6pm on Thursday”. The Irish company is actually only 38 years old …

Several signals made it possible to detect a scam: the fake Facebook page had more than 24,000 subscribers and a single message, while the airline’s official page registered more than 5 million. It also has a blue badge confirming its authenticity.

A form that encourages you to fill out your personal data

People who replied “Done” to the post received the following response: “Hello. Your voucher is being processed, you must first complete our validation process. To do this, click on the blue ‘S’ button ‘Register’ at the top of our page. Thank you for your participation”.

The fake Ryanair page is actually trying to trick users into clicking on a link displayed under its banner, To redirect them to a form. Victims are invited to fill in their personal data (surname, first name, email address, postal code, etc.).

No permission has been decided

As reported by ‘BFMTV’, the form is hosted Tolido GmbH. Several Google reviews linked to this German company refer to attempted scams … Wednesday evening, the fake Ryanair page shared address seems to have changed, referring to the “Amazon-sponsored” fake lottery and the promise of a free iPhone 13 Pro. . Despite the widespread spread of the fake page, Facebook has not yet taken any action.

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Note that fake flight ticket fraud was already known on Facebook. In 2018, the same offer that offered free tickets for Ryanair’s 34th anniversary …

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