Fajã do Cumbre Vieja already has more than 40 hectares and threatens to collapse

Fajã do Cumbre Vieja already has more than 40 hectares and threatens to collapse

AThe jaja created by the intrusion of the volcanic Cumberland ejected lava into the sea is already growing, covering more than 40 hectares and is likely to erupt., Reported the Spanish National Security Agency.

The volcano erupted on Sept. 19, and the magma flow reached the sea in the Tasacourt area around midnight on Tuesday, Sept. 28, and is now active again.

The contact of the lava, at one thousand degrees centigrade, in seawater, at about 20 degrees, caused a cloud of acid gases, which forced them to confine themselves to the nearest population, and soon began to form a peninsula. Of the island.

A heap of lava known as A Name given to the flat peninsula created on the islands of Fajo and Macrononia (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde) Lava entering the sea.

La Palma has two famous faജades, the French and the Barലvento, but imposes another territory on the sea In 1949, the San Juan volcano erupted, As a fertile field for growing banana trees.

The last eruption before the current eruption Tenaguna volcano in 1971The two-square-kilometer area, which lasted 24 days and was conquered by the sea, is now known as Echientive Beach.

Cumbre Vieja fajã is still in formation and instability. It has already crossed the island shelf and the lava is still flowing and it is sinking deeper, threatening to break the front of the delta, warning that if this happens, a sharp cloud of toxic and hydroelectric eruptions will be created.

Growing Peninsula It is more than 500 m from the coast and 30 m deep.

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O The increased land to the island is the property of the Spanish state, Part of the National Geological Heritage, and therefore subject to the law on natural heritage and biodiversity

The total surface area affected by the magma on Palma Island in the Canary Islands has already been exceeded 471 hectares, 36 km in circumference and a maximum width of 1,250 mMostly bananas, including 120 hectares of farmland.

Indicates the latest data on losses At least 726 buildings were destroyed by the lava and 128 were partially affected. More than 33 km of roads were affected, including 26.47 km completely covered by lava.

Copernicus estimates European satellite service More than 4,800 hectares covered in volcanic ash.

The volcano continues to emit large amounts of lava, and experts acknowledge that there are more than 100 small earthquakes and new magmalets within 24 hours of the current seismic activity recorded at Cumbre Vijay.

The main cone swells, which increases the ejected lava, making it appear more fluid and causing fear of changing the course of the current flow, experts warn.

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