Facing conservatives, Donald Trump suggests running for office in 2024

Facing conservatives, Donald Trump suggests running for office in 2024

Returning to the platform of the CPAC, the annual high mass of American conservatives, Donald Trump on Sunday, February 28 argued that the survival of the United States depended on the Conservatives and was delighted with the idea of ​​running for office again. 2024 Presidential Election.

“As far as we know, we are fighting for the survival of the United States.”The American billionaire said at the end of his 1.5-hour speech at the end of the Conservatives’ annual high mass in Orlando, Florida.

Refusing to acknowledge his election defeat Joe Biden, he decided to make sure that his popular movement was struggling to hide the divisions of a Republican party. “The incredible journey we started together (…) is far from over”, He said. “In the end we will win”.

The 74-year-old businessman has hinted that he may run in the 2024 presidential election.

“With your help, we’ll get the House back, we’ll get the Senate back, and then a Republican president will make a successful return to the White House. I wonder who it will be.”, He said happily.“who knows ?”He added. “I may decide to beat them a third time.”

Banned from social networks, including his favorite communications channel, Twitter, he condemned the immigration policy of his successor, Joe Biden, and claimed that the Democratic president had now completed it. “The most devastating first month” Of the history of the American presidency.

Since the deadly attack on the capital, Republicans have shown divisions. Four years after Trump’s administration, the party has lost control of Congress and the White House. It was a former president who marked the infamous stain of impeachment for inciting riots in the capital attack.

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In mid-February, the Senate acquitted Donald Trump during a trial. Historically, seven Republicans voted in favor of his sentence. Without losing revenge, the former president listed in the gallery the names of all the elected officials who condemned his role in the attack on Congress. “Avoid it!”, He blurred.

Despite the party split, many Orlando conference attendees branded themselves “Trump” like the flags and hats they wore, and this huge gold statue of the 74-year-old billionaire in the conference hall.

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