Faced with new cases, the city of Wuhan announced the screening of all its residents

Faced with new cases, the city of Wuhan announced the screening of all its residents

It’s quite a character. WuhanChinese city
Kovid-19 There were
Appeared at the end of 2019Local authorities announced Tuesday that they would re-examine all of its residents after finding a few cases.

Three new Covid-19 cases were confirmed Monday in a metropolis of 11 million inhabitants. Delta Strain was caught after the eruption Appeared in the eastern part of the country last month. Kovid has been documenting previous cases in the city since May 2020.

Positive but asymptomatic cases

The city on the coast of Yangtze “rapidly begins generalized PCR screening of all its inhabitants,” Li Tao, an official at the town hall, told a news conference.

In all, seven workers from other provinces were found to be Kovid-19 positive, officials said Monday. However, four of them do not show any symptoms of the disease. The China, The epidemic was practically eradicated in the spring of 2020, facing the most widespread resurgence of the virus since last year in just a few weeks.

At least with 300 new infections confirmed Across the country in July, this increase in pollution was very limited compared to the figures recorded in other countries. This focus is important in terms of geographical extent: more than a dozen provinces are now affected, with the capital, Beijing, on Sunday urging people not to leave the city for no apparent reason.

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