Facebook should abandon its headquarters in Ireland, which was used to pay lower taxes

Facebook should abandon its headquarters in Ireland, which was used to pay lower taxes

After spending billions of dollars over the past few years in Ireland as a way to capitalize on the country’s relatively low taxes, Facebook seems to be changing.

O Sunday Times First identified a New registered document At the Irish Companies Registration Office, it shows that Facebook is about to close down its three Irish-based holding companies. They have been widely used to maintain Facebook’s global property rights and to pay fees to other international Facebook companies.

After discovering what the tech giant was doing, the US agency responsible for collecting taxes, the IRS, A case has been registered against Facebook In 2016 as part of an investigation into the company’s suspicious accounting practices.

Agency in February this year Another case was filedSince the company began transferring intellectual property rights to Irish subsidiaries in 2010, Facebook claims to have avoided paying more than $ 9 billion in taxes.

Although Facebook has not yet responded to a request for comment Gismodo, A spokesman said Times Transferring your property ownership from Ireland to the United States “deploys the corporate structure best where we expect most of our activities and people to be”, and we believe this is in line with recent and future changes in tax legislation. Policymakers around the world are arguing. ”

In addition to harassing taxpayers, Facebook faces widespread antitrust lawsuits from the Justice Department and several state attorney generals. The operation seeks to differentiate the giant’s various assets from social networks such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

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