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Facebook grants patent for “high performance and realistic” mechanical eyeball

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15 One 2022 00:58 GMT

This will accelerate the development of the company’s augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

According to the patent, the American company Meta, formerly known as Facebook, will design a mechanical eyeball similar to a human. Insider.

In Patent, Given last December, describes the company’s design of a “high-performance and realistic” mechanical eyeball that can be used as part of an “animatronic device” that tracks the movement of the human eye more accurately and precisely. .

According to its creators, the iBall is equipped with sensors that enable viewing, which can be practiced and improved with machine learning, which is based on the movement of i-tracking data from humans, which can then be mapped to a mechanical iBall. .

The patent also refers to a head that “mimics other human movements” such as the mouth and eyebrows, and a “body attached to the head” that is covered with mold that resembles human skin. All of this, “seems authentic to an observer”. There is no mention of what that authenticity would benefit.

This type of technology can accelerate the development of the company’s augmented reality and virtual reality applications, which rely heavily on eye tracking. Future projects in the company’s “metawares” may require these high-tech advances.

Also, this is not the first time Meta has shown interest in adding human characteristics to robots: the company last November. Advertising It will develop a synthetic skin that gives robots a sense of touch similar to that of humans.

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