Face it live in front of the cameras! Delilah and Carr of Amidasik all agreed on reconciliation, here is what is in their hearts (video)

Face it live in front of the cameras!  Delilah and Carr of Amidasik all agreed on reconciliation, here is what is in their hearts (video)

Tonight, on the show “Amidži show”, former partners Dalila Dragozevich and Philip Carr opened their souls to Oggen Amidžsik and talked about their relationship.

At the beginning of the show, Delilah admitted that she wanted to be a guest on the show again because she believes Philip is different now.

The man is completely different, calm, no more lies, the last time he had a tight-knit – Delilah said, and Philip had something to say.

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Well, as it turns out, I know what. He relaxes a bit when it comes to a game, but nothing in particular. I’m free now, I do not have a girlfriend, but I have sympathy. I love Delilah (laughs)! I’m joking. She is my favorite and kindest person at times, but that’s only for moments.

He is lying. We played a game in the cooperative, he said all the good things about me, all he could think of, he named Gruja. I do not trust him at all. What he does, how he behaves, goes down, catches everyone … I had no idea about him. He behaves like a 19-20 year old boy – Delilah intervened.

Philip also touched on their recent conversation in isolation.

That one evening I was so lonely, I had some energy … I had a friend who was lonely, and they came to Delilah and she reacted like a grandmother if I had brought her in – Philip said, pointing out that he would not. Reconciliation.

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I will never be with her again, I’m honest. If I can change her and go back in time, if she is different, we will now talk in a different direction.

He says that Delilah was different in the past and that she liked him when she started to change.

She was completely different. I remember, when Dejan initially attacked Stanija and Janjusha, she was against it all, and she flowed with positive energy. Now, sometimes, everything is bad, sometimes … – said Philip, Delilah did not agree.

Everything is against it. Yes. He loves those who please him, and I do not. I’m not with him anymore, not even one percent. He tries again to intervene, get dressed, make me laugh and communicate, but he fails. May he live, may his mother be well.

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