Face a Brexit, the ports regionaux and their organizations

Face a Brexit, the ports regionaux and their organizations

The zone of Datroit is Pas-de-Calais (Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais, Dunkerque) which is located in the Nord de la France, car elle offre passage navigable high court entre continental european et la Grande -Bretagne. Alres que Brexit aurait pu uitre un grain de sable dans l’engrenage, les ports du Nord, oi transient quotidiennement des miliers de camions à destination et en Provenance du Royaume-Uni, seont provérs en amont à de possibles queries par Novelty formalities aux frontiers. À limage du quatrième port français de marchandises, Calais.

Une adaptation post-Brexit

«Le Brexit is my last problem with our sommes because we are not interested. Lorsque la Grande-Bretagne annoncé sa sortie in 19 mars, nos ês prêt, puis 12 avril, puis 30 OctoberJean-Marc Puissesseau, President of the Port of Calais. The preparation is a biotech to the fight against the Louvre, the police and our mimes who are our sub-dumbbellializers or fluentissements of flux.

En effet, for maintaining fluid passage port, Calais port amminagé des parkings suppliers and un schma circulation for a mile lecture des itinaire. Du côté de la douane, de la police aux frontiers et des service vitrinaires like sanitaires, cess grease au numrique que these changes ont é simplify.

Ainsi, the two-way franchise developed a solution technologically innovative, nominee «frontier intelligent per, which automatically activates the passage of the frontier on the poids lords. This solution is based on the formalities of participation in the day. «Le Brexit, cest regrettable. Chacun doit dclair ses papiers et biens, and every mention of one temps for less enterprises. But my overall influence is on the portrait of the situation economically in Grande-British. Si l economics de l’autre cté de la frontier baisse, forcment le transport bissera », ajoute Jean-Marc Puissessau.

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Jean-Marc Puissesseau, President of Calais. © Aletheia Press / LP

De bons results and an envie de rester leader

In your portfolio, this is your first post on the Adaptation Puzzles of 2021, the most exciting and fastest surrogate effect of any of the most amazing britanniques of your trimester 2020. Quart mois apreès Brexit, selon le directer interrogional la la Direction gnarale des douanes et droits indirects (DGDDI) des Hauts-de-France, 90% of traffic returns are in your home. Une affirmation of the return of the chiefs of the port of Calais. «A fin fin November 2021, we have é 1,510 million de camions. Un chiffre tris similare à celui de 2020 qui était de 1,515 million », conclude the presidential port. If you have a positive attitude, you may want to ask the rest of the leader about traffic jams.

On the other hand, the port invests 860 million dirhams (dont 270 million dirhams in finance public) to change dimension, with construction nouveaux posts dioxostage afin daccuillir des ferries more than 200 mtrs de long. The Groupe Getlink, quant à lui, builds a new parking lot in 260 places and a boutique for the formalities lias au passage de la frontier, for a total of 47 million diros. Also, Calais portal, contract aux autors ports Nord, jouir deux terminaux d’autoroute ferroviaire, which is the second most attractive and competitive. In the terminal VIIA, the file on SNCF, relieve l’Espagne et l’Italie à la Grande-Bretagne. The terminal CargoBeamer offers a liaison Calais-Perpignan and a liaison Calais-Domodossola in Italie.

Lis licenses with Ireland: new enjeu

But l’volution is one of the most important adaptive skills in armateurs. These liaisons l’Irland have their own muses in place afin’s ne new passer for Grande-Bretagne and ainsi dviter les passages on doune. This is the notation of observing the port of Dunkerque. Os Nos lignes nont pas subi de grosses perturbations, mai il eu une réadaptation. The economic portfolio of rebonding is one of the fastest growing volumes in Ireland. We have new novel lines, new novels changes, timogne Frank Gonsse, patron des dockers. Àtitle diexemple, the compatible DFDS in its place in a new novel by Lion Dunkerque-Rosslare in 2 Janvier. Trois navires sont à disposition for realizer six doparts hebdomadaires, depot chacun des deux ports.

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I’m going to write a direct revision of a new novel, but it’s one of my last questions. To Dunkerque ss Rosslare a voyage of computeing 24 hours of navigation alor quote pass by Royaume-Uni, 13 songs with no probes, a probes for personal searches. Mais les ports sadaptent: We are not a terminal ferry supplier on Lorraine. We also construct a zone of stock for remixes and track files. On this train train traveler on the port pour doubler notre capacity daccueil au niveau de ferries. The contents of the march are the grandest development,Prakise Franck Gonsse.

In fact, it’s one of the most sought after items in the world today. Parmi elles, Containership, file of CMA-CGM, specials in transport maritime contents, in an outsourcing. Also, a Dunkerque-Cork book on your November 2020, live Dunkerque-Dublin line. This service, assists a navigator with a capacity of 900 contents, consistent, for the moment, of a single hebdomaidire.

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