Fabian Galti on Joram Moifana’s wing move: “There will be a problem of physical dominance”

Fabian Galti on Joram Moifana's wing move: "There will be a problem of physical dominance"

Moifana’s choice on the wing

Yoram had a very good match (30-24) against Ireland. He has made a very good comeback in the past against Italy (37-10 wins) and in other matches he has played with us, especially against England in the final of the Nations Autumn Cup (losing 22-19 AD). He is very good with his club UBB and he excels in all the training sessions with us whether he is a center or a winger. Our desire was to keep something unique in midfield with Gayle Fikou, who leads our line defense, and Jonathan Danti, who started his bearings. We asked ourselves the question of deploying the Mathews label, of course, who is training very well with us, who is a professional winger. But we made this decision to play with these profiles of Beefy players, because there will be a team from Scotland on the opposite side, they will field a very solid and very physical quarter, and a very direct game. (Finn) Russell. There will be a problem of physical dominance. At this moment the ability to respond to a blow to three-quarters as fast and powerful as two wings floating on water is essential. ⁇

“Murrayfield Stadium has always been extraordinary. We know that 20,000 French people will travel, which is not a coincidence.

Murrayfield context

“Two years ago, after we took over this mission (28-17) there was our biggest failure. Eleven points difference, one yellow card, one red card, one non-match, that’s all. We were knocked down by those Scots and we could not find or know the key. But it was an apprenticeship for us and the staff and team. Since then we have played twice against Scotland. From the beginning of our Mandate (23-27) the last match coincided with our first defeat at home. So this is a team that is causing us problems, and we know that we need to be able to compete in all areas of the game in a great context. Murrayfield Stadium is always extraordinary. We know that 20,000 French people will travel, and it is no coincidence. We already lived an experience and we learned a lot. Then learning is progress. We have made preparations accordingly this week. Physically, strategically, strategically and mentally. We are looking for optimal preparation and we are not too far from it. ⁇

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The trap of the aerial game

“If you take the example of our match against Ireland two weeks ago, it was an area that caused us problems despite our preparation and strategy for the management of this area. Before the match against Ireland, we were asked a question about our discipline. The Irish were very disciplined and we were very undisciplined. No, I replied that more whistles were blown than in Ireland. The next weekend things changed and the ratio was almost the opposite. Each match is played with a few things, especially on the air or on the ground. Why can’t we be the kings of Saturday’s sky game? This is our goal. But it’s first on the ground, then in the air, then on the ground again. In this sport, the aerial game wins first on the ground and ends on the ground again. You need to be able to put together a certain number of collective tasks. Anyway, we work in this game area, it’s essential. ⁇

Tadg Byrne takes the ball under the eyes of Gayle Fikou (P. Lahalle / L’QP)

“’6-2′ is a formula that allows us to bring more spirit and energy around the 50th mark. This is our strategy. “

Six forward benches are selected

“The quality of the players comes first. The best of the moment should be on the field. Those who know how to put out the most assurances in a very strong imitation. A ” 6-2 ” is a formula that allows us to bring extra spirit and energy into our 50s. This is our strategy. In case of a problem, Gayle Fikou, who can slip on the wing, Romain Ntamak, who can slip through the middle, and Thomas Ramos, 10 or 15. And if there was another problem, we worked together. Franയിois Cross in first center. ⁇

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Air holes early in the second half

“We’re working on it. Are these air holes? Weak times? In a game, you can not tick all the boxes. There are times when we have to deal with weak times. It bothered us that we always try to understand failures, and even if they are punctual in a match, they will always allow progress, and we have found that in some areas of the game, especially in the game between 22 and 22 or after rack mastering after tackle, we can be more effective in maintaining clarity and maintaining more space. How to maintain a defensive rhythm and how not to over-consume It is important to have good communication with those who are on the field and perhaps a little slower, so that we can grow in it so that there are not too many weak times. Tried a lot. ⁇

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