Extreme France give way to Dublin Blues after 10 years: 13-15

Immensa Francia, dopo 10 anni Dublino s

The Blues have not won in all 10 editions, all of their legs for France to win the Six Nations, beating Dublin 10 years after last season. Farrell’s Ireland fall to 15-13, good plays (you’ll understand the news), a sense of humiliation, and last but not least, defend with a knife between the teeth. As the final moments of the match show, Greens’ attack covered all 17 stages of the game and went backwards about 10 meters. A show not seen every day. This is the second KO at the start of a tournament to replace Trifoglio’s XV, of which they have so far only settled for a defensive bonus of 2 points.

Fabian Galti’s France comforts DuPont’s plays (even better on defense) and sells leather very fondly in the third line. Many were waiting to return to the field after the Olympic Catwalk. He will start with a draw due to 3 points off the pitch of captain Sexton’s replacement Billy Burns in the match against Wales. Moments after Le Roques’ suspension for a useless trip to Erlas, the gap widens to 24 to 34, but DuPont pierces and finds Olivone, marking 3-5 on the left; With Jalibert’s transition to 3-7, it soon stretches to 10 in one position. The second half gives an animal fatigue to the Irish. Farrell shuffles the cards in a scrum but in the 55th minute the blues is still the limit R: Ficco attacks and returns should see Dowlin ‘s support until the end of the game (the man selected at the end of the game), and then to the right of the sign 3-15 to the penalty. The host speeds up, at 56 ‘, 55% of possession, in the development of a lineout, sending Keller to the goal. Byne returned 7 minutes later to 13-15. The return slowly leaves and the final whistle gives way to the joy of the transalpines. Model loses after kneeling Irish knockout match.

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Standing positions after the second round of six nations (point difference in brackets): France (+42), Wales (+6) 9; England 6 (+18); Scotland 5 (+4); Ireland 2 (-7); Italy 0 (-63).

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