Extratropical cyclone affects the climate of Curitiba. The storm and the wind are coming

Extratropical cyclone affects the climate of Curitiba.  The storm and the wind are coming

Extra-tropical cyclones are expected to make landfall in Curitiba and the Paran തീര coast this Wednesday (27). The National Institutes of Meteorology (INMET) has issued an orange-orange alert, forecasting heavy rainfall and danger to a certain extent.

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Extratropical cyclone is a weather phenomenon with strong storms and winds. They are defined as systems of low atmospheric pressure that, in order for them to occur, require various factors such as humidity and temperature in the environment.

According to Parana’s Technology and Environmental Monitoring System (SIMEPAR), the hurricane is in the ocean, causing instability in some parts of the parana. “There is no forecast of heavy rain or wind in Curitiba in the morning, but it will change during the day,” said Rodrigo Carvalho de Souza, a meteorologist in Simepar.

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“We have the impact of this hurricane, but it is located further into the ocean. This causes instability and sends moisture from the sea to the continent. Along with the heat of the day, rain and wind will generally cause it, which is common even in summer. We do not have a very strong signal, but it may change during the day, ”the meteorologist reported.

According to Simepar, Curitiba has a 96% chance of blowing at speeds of up to 41 kilometers per hour. The best time to use an umbrella or remove clothing from the wardrobe is between 1 and 5 p.m.

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Rain and water crisis

Reservoirs in Curitiba and the metropolitan area rose to 45% on Tuesday (26). Reservoirs averaged 26.7 percent, the best index since November 11. The heavy rains in November, December and January were crucial to this water relief, but it could have been better, If it is not for relief and misfortune.

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