Staburags and lysates – they are not natural objects in Latvia, they are not even found on this planet and in the solar system. When talking about an astronomical problem, we often see ideas about other planets outside the solar system. How many are there and how do they look are not just questions asked by astronomy lovers. On the show Known in the unknown A conversation about such planets, especially the planet Staburags. Tells the project manager of the Latvian Astronomical Society Martic Giles Researcher at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Latvia (LU) and Expert at the LU Museum Ilgonis Wilkes.

Emergence of living conditions on Earth

The first living things are believed to have originated from water, but the question of how water formed here when the earth was formed four billion years ago. Now, thanks to careful research, it is clear that there is always water in the depths of the earth, but until a few decades ago, some in-depth astronauts and Earth explorers suggested that Earth’s water came from the collision of various universes. Asteroids, meteorites or comets. Only later, analysis of meteorites and groundwater reveals that their proportions of isotopes, i.e., atomic nuclei with the same chemical properties, do not match. The discovery of the formation of water in the depths of the earth and elsewhere in space was made by the editor of the astronomical portal “” and the editor of the Latvian Astronomical Society. Anna Jinter.