Extraordinary event in Quebec: First for 76 years

Extraordinary event in Quebec: First for 76 years

April 16, 2021 Friday 6:07 PM – An extraordinary event was held in Quebec on the afternoon of April 16. In fact, this date should be remembered as the first in history. This was two days later than the old record of 1945.

In short:

  • Lac Saint-Jean froze at noon on April 16;
  • Early melting in 76 years;
  • The second fastest in history.

Extraordinary event

On the afternoon of April 16, a major event occurred: Laxmint Jean officially officially stalled. This is where more than 70 percent of its area is ice-free. It usually takes place in the second week of May. The season is about three or four weeks ahead. So this is another indication of the unusually mild spring that Quebec is experiencing, especially in the first half of April.


76 year record

When the lake melted on April 14, it was a record-breaking spring since 1945. This year, Lock Saint-Jean lost the record in two days. Moreover, April 16th is very fast for such a melting. Data were collected from the beginning of the century.


A month ago

Since March 1, the average temperature has been 3 ° C, beating the snow in Laxmint-Gene. In fact, as previous years have shown, this phenomenon usually occurs in mid-May. The lake stagnated a big month before 2021.


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