Expresso Nimes Airport will really take off …

Expresso Nimes Airport will really take off ...
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Last Friday, the Nimes metropolis president traveled with the Nimes airport delegation to Dublin to see the management of the successful company Ryan Air, along with teams of Aedes. An appointment that Guard Tools should actively project in the coming years.

Frank Proust was furious before leaving for Dublin on Friday morning. He was amazed to find the controversial remarks of Harold’s prefect Hughes Moutouh questioning the very existence of local airports, including Nimes. “Nimes Airport has experienced periods of prosperity, and once the effects of the health crisis subside, it will be involved in economic development not only in the Nimes region but also around the Guard, which is the gateway to Provence. An intervention that has positive effects on our own territory when the currents divide. “ Said the Nimes metropolis president before leaving.

Proof of the airport’s legitimacy and its financial intentions, Frank Proust went to the Irish headquarters in Ryanar this Friday, November 26th. “One of the world leaders in air transport to sell the benefits of our airport infrastructure and the ideal tourist positioning for valued customers.”

Also to clarify: “For യൂറോ 1 invested in a tourist line, you get 40 euro spinoffs in the area, which, as a European parliamentarian, gave me the opportunity to maintain the commercial dynamics of provincial airports. The result is there. According to our information, Frank Proust has negotiated a new seven-year contract with Ryanair – instead of five – with Nimes-Garons Airport. “An agreement will be signed soon and it will be possible to secure normal flights”, “he said. A knowledgeable source slips.

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But, according to our information, to develop new destinations from Nimes. Moreover, Dublin may be one of the largest cities in Ireland, as well as Bergamo in Italy, or Malaga, and why not Sevilla in Spain. “Beware, however, all this is subject to debate. You know, I have a rule: I’ll only talk when the file is final”. Frank carefully associates Proust, but is not at all proud of this good news about his territory. Nimes Metropolis is currently in talks with two new airlines for flights within the French border, including Corsica and another European destination.

So, whether Herald’s prefect or not, Frank Proust wants to develop territorial marketing and ensure better financial returns for Nimes and Gard. He succeeds where his predecessor (Juan Lacoud, editor, who did not trust Nimes Airport much) failed.

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