“Explained will impress” .. Giza governor praises teaching style of a science teacher in al-Waraq .. Video

"شرحها هيبهرك".. محافظ الجيزة يشيد بطريقة تدريس معلمة علوم فى الوراق.. فيديو

Uniquely, a science teacher in Al-Waraq neighborhood, Giza Governor Major General Ahmed Rashid, was impressed when he inspected the order. The educational process Abdullah Bin Rawah Preparatory School for Girls in Al Waraq in the presence of Deputy Governor Hind Abdul Halim and Director of Education Directorate Ashraf Salloma.

Giza Governorate published a video on its official YouTube page showing middle school students interacting with their teacher as she explained and taught a science lesson in a unique and engaging way, earning praise and admiration from all.

Giza Governor Major General Ahmed Rashid continued the regularization of the education process in several schools in the neighborhoods of Northern Giza and Al-Waraq, in an inspection tour, to ensure that discipline, commitment and assurance have been achieved. Willingness of schools to accept our students.

The governor’s tour included visits to Ahmed Sewail Preparatory Schools for Girls, Taha Hussain Primary School, Future Preparatory School for Girls in Imbaba, North Giza District, Mustafa Kamal School, Abdullah bin Rawaha Preparatory School for Girls and Fatima Al Zahra School. Warakh district.

During his tour, the governor emphasized the need to organize the entry and exit of students to school, classes and rest time (space) to ensure there is no overlap between the school stages: Preparatory, Primary and Preparatory.

The governor also emphasized the presence of one or more supervisors in each role depending on the density of students, drawing up a weekly schedule containing the names of the supervisors responsible for organizing the movement of students in and out of classrooms. Ensure that the system operates in a disciplined manner with an emphasis on student safety and creating a conducive environment for them.

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The Governor directed the Director, Directorate of Education to ensure that students do not scramble considering the time gap between morning school exit process and evening shift entry. Sources of ventilation.

During his tour of the schools, the governor inspected several school departments, classrooms, libraries, labs and computers, and met with teachers, stressing the executive’s keenness to maintain the steady progress of the educational process in the schools. A suitable environment for the educational process.

During his tour, Rashid witnessed several arts and sports performances performed by school students to inculcate loyalty, selflessness and patriotism.

The Governor of Giza tasked the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education to direct the Directors of Education Departments with daily presence and periodic traffic in schools to determine the order of the educational process and reduce the number of administrative offices in schools. and support school groups in compliance with ministerial decisions governing it.

The governor of Giza confirmed that he personally follows the order of the education process through the central operations room of the governorate, which is in constant communication with the education departments to ascertain the state of public discipline and overcome any obstacles. Face this system, emphasize the interest of the state and work to solve them in coordination with all the authorities concerned. The education system and the adoption of modern methods help creativity and innovation, because the education sector is one of the main pillars of construction. and development.

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