Experts warn: new Tesla software drives “almost like alcohol”

Experts warn: new Tesla software drives "almost like alcohol"

Experts warn: new Tesla software drives “almost like alcohol”

It shakes back and forth, chooses the wrong path, and even Tesla boss Elon Musk warns drivers about the new system. Yet he uploaded it to his cars. This has drawn strong criticism.

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There can be no more love between Elon Musk and Consumer Reports (CR). Influential U.S. consumer magazine repeatedly criticizes Tesla The purchase recommendation for his cars Model 3 has been temporarily withdrawn. Recently there was another reprimand from consumer lawyers. For new software released by the Musk Company USA Uploading to his cars. Other experts are coming to more harsh judgments.

The next step towards autonomous driving is to focus on the “full self-driving” program (program version FSD Beta 9). The software has been used on public roads for a few days now.

Problem: First, the software suggests its English name but is not a complete autopilot. Secondly, FSD Beta 9 is only a pre-release of the original program. Their abilities are humble accordingly. On top of that, it does not inform consumers of all of this transparently, but Tesla has made test pilots for developers – without adequate protection, criticizing customer reports.

Shows errors in the video software

For example, the system does not monitor whether the driver is carefully participating in traffic or relying entirely on his autopilot. But it is urgently needed. This is because the system shows obvious weaknesses: it has problems staying on track and moving right and left. Professor Celica Josiah Talbot, an expert in autonomous cars in Washington, DC, says: “It’s almost like a drunk driver.

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A well-watched YouTube video shows some of the strengths of the system, including how Tesla chooses the wrong path Danger Making. Additionally, the software can quickly exit the driver while driving Steer Left – with very sensitive effects.

The software still needs better tuning

Even pedestrians and cyclists, without any knowledge of their will, will be part of Tesla’s experiment: “Drivers are aware of the high risk but others are unaware that they are in the vicinity of a test car. They didn’t recognize the risk, “said Brian Reimer, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Other companies do the same

Of course, Tesla does not only work on autonomous driving. Many other companies are developing their own systems, such as Vemo (owned by Alphabet) or Argo AI (owned by VW and Ford). The main difference: you are only testing in private or you have trained drivers in your cars.

A customer report request for FSD Beta 9 sent to Tesla was not answered. In the message Twitter Elon Musk wrote about the new software: “There will be unknown issues, so please go crazy.” Also: “Security has always been a priority at Tesla.”

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