Experts have discovered two new species of dinosaurs that prey on all prey in the UK

Experts have discovered two new species of dinosaurs that prey on all prey in the UK – Finding Fossil Dinosaur It can only be found if there were two millions of years ago Dinosaur species Once upon a time, on a riverbank in the Isle of Wight, a crocodile skull was hunted for prey. English.

The scientists then gave it scientific names Inferior serotonin reuptake inhibitors Which means ‘horned hell crane with crocodile face’ Reprovenator Millene I.e. ‘river bank hunter’.

In their opinion, the hunter was an early spinosorid species, larger than that Tyrannosaurus rex.

Previously, only one type of spinosoride was found in England, known as baryonics.

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“We have known for decades that dinosaurs like the Baryonics would be found. However, the discovery of these two new fossils in the near future came as a great surprise,” said Darren Nice, author of the study and paleontologist.

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Quotes Live scienceOn Thursday (30/9/2021), two dinosaur species were identified from only a few bones, but in the opinion of the researchers, the bone fragments found were very clear, including the brain shell and the dinosaur’s teeth.

The brain shell contains many anatomical indications of different species, including the location of nerves and muscle attachment.

“We found that skulls differ not only from bionics, but also from each other, suggesting that Britain has a greater spinosoride diversity than previously thought,” said Chris Barker, lead author of the two studies. Dinosaur fossils These hunters.

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Shutterstock / Orla Illustration of the carnivorous dinosaur, family Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex), t. Rex.

Both species are known to have lived about 125 million years before the beginning of the Cretaceous.

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They hunt prey in the water and act like very large, toothed horns. They then catch fish and prey with their jaws.

Depending on the size of the skull, both species can grow up to about 9 m.

Furthermore, the history and evolution of the spinosorid family is still confusing.

Researchers do not even acknowledge whether they float in the water like hooks or swim like crocodiles.

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However, new discoveries indicate that this group of dinosaurs lived in present-day Europe before spreading to Asia and the supercontinent of Gondwana.

“There is still a lot to learn. For the time being, the spinosorid group seems to have originated in Europe and then spread to Asia and Africa,” Nice added.

In the next project, researchers will further explore the relationship between other spinosorides around the world.

The findings of two predatory dinosaur fossils in the UK have been published in the journal Natural communications.

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