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Expected return dates from Ireland for a sunny vacation as Spain, Portugal and other parts of Europe announce their tourism plans

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Taoist Michael Martin hinted that people could spend their holidays abroad until the end of July.

Martin told RTE that Ireland will participate in the European Union Digital Passport. He said staff are working on the technology and logistics needed to implement this.

The EU digital passport will provide evidence that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result, or recovered from COVID-19.

“If vaccination is given in a way that is synergistic with Europe, the travel situation will open up. By the end of the summer, the United States and other countries will be doing well, ”Taoich said.

However, he was reluctant to confirm the bright summer for vacationers, and the current advice for the months of May and June is that people should avoid all trips that are not necessary.

He believes the government will get a clearer picture if it can allow tourists by the end of June.

He said: “We can never be separated. Ireland is a globalized country. We must assess all risks as we move forward. ”

“The trip could resume in the second half of July.”

So, when will mobile access to popular homes and international travel resume from May 10?

April 20, 2021, Magloof, Majorca, Spain: View of the almost empty Magloof Beach in Majorca. (Photo credit: © John-Patrick Moraresku / Zuma Wire)


The Spanish Tourist Office said it would receive Irish tourists in June and would have to implement the EU’s Covid-19 certificate by then. He said it would help ease travel restrictions during the summer.

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Bulgaria was one of the first countries to announce that it would open to visitors this summer.

Passengers are allowed to enter the country from May 1 as long as one of the three requirements is met.

This includes a vaccination certificate, a PCR or a negative antigen test, or a medical certificate confirming that you had Kovid-19 for up to six months before entering the country and that you have recovered from it.


Panoramic view of the drone at Aretas Beach in the Toroni area, a hidden gem in Halkidiki (photo by Nicholas Economy / Narphoto)

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said he expects the tourism sector to reopen on May 14. Approved Wednesday.

Quarantine is no longer required when it comes to vaccinated passengers and those who have tested negative for Kovid-19 from Europe and the UK.

However, entry into Greece will only be allowed if you have a vaccination certificate from your country of origin or a negative PCR test conducted 72 hours prior to the start of the trip. All tourists must complete a special PLF document 24 hours prior to departure.

Officials say quick checks targeted at entry points and those with good results need to be quarantined at a specific hotel.


France hopes to get foreign tourists back on June 9 as long as they can prove they have been vaccinated or present a negative PCR test.

President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that a curfew will be imposed on May 19 at 9 p.m.

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He also announced the reopening of museums, theaters, cinemas and concert halls across the country with some restrictions.

However, don’t expect to go to nightclubs as plan club openings will be removed from the list when most restrictions are lifted on June 30th.


Irish travelers will be accepted in Malta from June 1.

Regular vaccination certificates or a negative PCR test are required.

The country has been slow to reopen unwanted businesses and services, and now a large portion of the population has been vaccinated.


An Italian beach

In Italy, the latest “special measures” must open by May 15, except in countries where they take effect.

Initially, Italy allowed unrestricted visits to 26 European countries, including Ireland.

The government is preparing to issue vaccination passports before the rest of the European Union.

Checkpoints in the tourist destinations of Venice and greedy swabs in the rail system will be considered before opening.


Portugal has not yet announced a specific date for welcoming tourists to the country. Suggestions for mid-May have already been made, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


Slippers and beach bag resting on a rock in Cyprus.

From May 10, Cyprus will receive Irish tourists, and passengers will not need to be banned if they have a vaccination certificate or a negative test result of no more than three days.

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