Expected announcement made! Here is the date on which the ban will be lifted

Expected announcement made!  Here is the date on which the ban will be lifted

Following President Erdogan’s announcement that “we will lift the ban,” he wondered when the ban would be lifted. As a development takes place today, it is clear when the ban will be lifted.

Has the last date of the ban been announced? The answer to the question is obvious. According to Muharram Sarakaya, author of the Haber Torque newspaper, health minister officials spoke to him and gave him a date to end the ban.

Letter from Muharram Sarikaya

Sarakaya wrote in his article that he was told the official name of the opening date of schools and restaurants. Accordingly, Muharram Zarakaya’s article was as follows:

Preparations for new group vaccines from China completed; The 30 million dose vaccine announced by President Erdogan is expected to arrive in the first week of March.

Number of people to be vaccinated

– However, a certain amount of time is omitted because there is concern about a new epidemic in China, while 11 million doses are expected. So, at this pace, the second dose of 15 million people will be completed by mid-March, and the second dose of vaccines.

Date of deletion of bans

– However, if all 50 million doses come within this period, this number could easily reach 25 million. In fact, by mid-March, 27 million people will be vaccinated, with the vast majority of people from Sinovac being vaccinated, 2.25 million being vaccinated and 4.5 million from biotech.

– The following words of the effective and competent name of the Ministry are important: ‘Our goal is to remove most bans, open schools and restaurants by reaching this number on March 15 …’ On February 15, no one can give serious hope at this stage …

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