Expect a major change in the upcoming iPhones … these are the details of it

Expect a major change in the upcoming iPhones ... these are the details of it

Hope to witness “IPhone” phones made by the American “Apple” company After leaking some information about the new technologies that the developers of the company are currently working on, an important and important change.

According to the latest information published by Western newspapers and seen by Al-Arabia.net, Apple is currently working to introduce “augmented reality and virtual reality headsets” on its phones, making these phones look like a mobile movie in the pocket of users, video and photo media.

But a new patent indicates that it works in other ways to provide 3D images without the use of a large helmet, according to a report published in the Daily Mail.

Apple’s new patent for so-called “split screen functionality for electronic device screens” suggests replacing 3D images on a flat screen for the “iPhone” or “iPod”.

Documents describe interruptions to this type of content when viewed on a smartphone or tablet device, which may lead to “motion blur, lighting compensation or other effects that annoy the viewer”.

With this in mind, Apple suggests adding a separate section to the screen that sends another layer of pixels to create alternate rows of pixels on the main screen, overcoming these issues and obstacles.

The idea is to divide the image views for each eye so that the user can ultimately see a 3D drawing on a larger screen.

While this technology may seem strange, the document includes an example of its use in the real world, such as 3D glasses offered to spectators in movie theaters.

The cinema theater can provide polarized or tinted glasses or glasses to patrons who visually separate two images at the same time, which adds three-dimensional depth to projected images as they separate the viewer’s eyes.

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The company received the patent on April 27, 2021, according to the Apple Insider website.

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